Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (Badlands North) – Activities List and Descriptions

In this section of the Saints Row 2022 game guide, we provide the locations and descriptions of all the side activities in the Side Hustles category that are available in the Badlands North district. Completing these activities will earn you extra experience points and money.

This section of the Saints Row 2022 game guide covers the Side Hustles category side activities that are available in the Badlands North district. Each activity has its own objectives that you need to achieve to receive a reward.

  • 1st Pony Express
  • 2nd Pony Express

1st Pony Express


  1. 1,200 XP,
  2. $4,000.

The quest giver is located in the northeast part of the district. After speaking with him, get in the car and head to the marked location within 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Use shortcuts and side paths to avoid enemies and reach the destination on time. Once there, eliminate all enemies and complete the task to receive your reward.

2nd Pony Express


  1. 1,200 XP,
  2. $4,000.

Another Pony Express mission is available in the northern part of the district. You have 4 minutes and 40 seconds to complete it. Your objective is to reach the marked location. You can also mark the location yourself, which will help you by displaying blue arrows on the road to guide you. After arriving at the destination, eliminate all enemies to complete the mission and receive your reward.


1. What are the side hustles in Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (Badlands North)?

The side hustles in Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (Badlands North) include: Chop Shop, Contract Killing, Drug Running, Human Trafficking, Legal Work, and Street Racing.

2. What is the Chop Shop side hustle?

The Chop Shop side hustle involves stealing cars and taking them to a garage to be stripped for parts. The player must avoid the police while stealing the cars and then deliver the parts to the garage for cash rewards.

3. How does the Contract Killing side hustle work?

The Contract Killing side hustle involves taking on assassination contracts for various clients. The player must track down and eliminate the targets while avoiding being detected by the police. Completing contracts earns cash rewards and reputation points.

4. What is the Human Trafficking side hustle?

The Human Trafficking side hustle involves kidnapping and selling people for profit. The player must recruit and manage a team of traffickers to carry out the kidnappings and then sell the victims to buyers. This activity carries significant moral implications and can impact the player’s reputation in the game.

5. How does the Street Racing side hustle work?

The Street Racing side hustle involves participating in illegal races for cash rewards. The player must acquire and upgrade a vehicle and then compete in races against other drivers. The races take place on various tracks and roads throughout the game world and require skill and strategy to win.

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