Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (East Flats) – Activities List and Descriptions

This page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide provides information on the Side Hustles activities available in the East Flats district. These activities offer additional experience points and money.

Each Side Hustles activity in the East Flats district has its own objectives to complete in order to receive a reward.

  • Wingsuit Saboteur
  • @tcha

Wingsuit Saboteur


  1. 1,200 XP,
  2. $4,000.

In the south-eastern part of the district, a quest giver activates the Wingsuit Sabotage mission. Your objective is to destroy antennas on rooftops in four locations within 15 minutes using bombs provided at the start of the mission. Only bombs can destroy the antennas. Eliminate any enemies in your way and use Weather Stations to travel between rooftops. If you fall to the ground, you return to the plane, but if you die, you must restart the mission. Once all antennas are destroyed, the mission ends.


Reward: Varies based on rating.

Located in the northern part of the district, the objective of this mission is to rate the Snake Oil Saloon. Take a photo of the saloon symbol, which is part of a collection. The lower the rating, the more enemies you will face, but the reward will be better. Protect your rating by eliminating enemies and surviving.


1. What are the Side Hustles in Saints Row 2022: East Flats?

Side Hustles are secondary activities that players can participate in while exploring the open world of Saints Row 2022: East Flats. The activities include ‘Delivery Dilemma’, ‘Gang Brawl’, ‘Drug Bust’, ‘Car Theft’, and ‘Rooftop Rumble’.

2. What is ‘Delivery Dilemma’ in Saints Row 2022: East Flats?

Delivery Dilemma is a Side Hustle activity in which players must deliver packages to various locations within a specified time limit. The packages may contain illegal items, making the delivery more challenging as players must avoid getting caught by the police or rival gangs.

3. How does ‘Gang Brawl’ work in Saints Row 2022: East Flats?

In Gang Brawl, players must fight against waves of rival gang members to earn rewards. The difficulty level increases with each wave, and players must strategize and use their combat skills to survive and progress.

4. What is involved in the ‘Drug Bust’ Side Hustle in Saints Row 2022: East Flats?

Drug Bust requires players to raid drug dens and confiscate illegal drugs while facing off against armed dealers. Players must also avoid getting caught by the police during the mission.

5. How does ‘Car Theft’ work in Saints Row 2022: East Flats?

In Car Theft, players must steal specific vehicles and deliver them to a designated location without getting caught or damaging the vehicle. The difficulty level increases as players progress, and they must use their driving skills to evade police and other obstacles.

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