Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (Mercado) – List and Description of Activities

In this game guide for Saints Row, we have provided a description and location of all the side activities from the category Side Hustles, which are available in the Mercado district. Completing them will earn you additional experience points and money.

This particular page of the Saints Row guide gives an account of the Side Hustles activities that are available in the Mercado district. Each activity comes with its own set of objectives, which must be completed to earn rewards.


Reward: Depends on the rating.

Starting the quest: The woman in the western part of Mercado will unlock the remaining @tcha side activities available on the map.

The first task in this category can be found in the north-eastern part of the district, following the initial conversation. Your mission is to go to the designated location and rate it. The lower the rating, the more opponents and the better the reward. You just need to protect your rating by eliminating the enemies and surviving. Once completed, you will be rewarded with money and XP.


What are Side Hustles in Saints Row 2022: Mercado?

Side Hustles are a series of activities that players can take on in Saints Row 2022: Mercado to earn extra cash and respect. These activities are optional and can be completed at any time during gameplay. There are several different types of Side Hustles, each with its own unique objectives and rewards.

What are some examples of Side Hustles in Saints Row 2022: Mercado?

One type of Side Hustle is Delivery, where players must deliver packages to various locations around the city within a set time limit. Another Side Hustle is Hacking, where players must hack into computer systems to steal valuable data while avoiding detection. There is also a Side Hustle called Arms Trafficking, where players must collect weapons from around the city and deliver them to a designated location. Each Side Hustle rewards the player with cash and respect, which can be used to purchase new weapons, vehicles, and upgrades.

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