Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (Smelterville East) – Activities List and Description

This page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide provides a list of all side activities from the Side Hustles category available in the Smelterville East district. By completing these tasks, you can earn extra experience and money.

  • Wingsuit Saboteur
  • @tcha

Wingsuit Saboteur


  1. 1,200 XP
  2. $4,000

The quest giver can be found in the southeastern part of the location. Your objective is to jump out of a plane and use the wingsuit to reach the specified location. Once there, you must take out the bombs and destroy the antennas on the roof while eliminating any obstacles in your way. To travel between rooftops, use weather stations to launch yourself into the air. After destroying all the required antennas, the task will end.


Reward: Varies based on rating.

This quest is available in the northern part of the region. Your mission is to go to the location indicated on the map and rate the Panthera Pride Gym. The lower the rating, the more enemies you will face, but the better the reward. You must protect your rating by eliminating the enemies and surviving. Afterward, you will be rewarded with money and XP.


1. What are the Side Hustles in Saints Row 2022’s Smelterville East?

The Side Hustles in Smelterville East are a set of activities that players can engage in to earn extra money and respect. There are three Side Hustles in this location: Chop Shop, Hostage Rescue, and Drug Trafficking.

2. What is the Chop Shop activity?

In the Chop Shop activity, players steal specific vehicles and bring them to a designated location to be chopped up for parts. The more cars players deliver, the more money and respect they earn. However, players must avoid getting caught by the police or rival gangs during the process.

3. How does the Hostage Rescue activity work?

The Hostage Rescue activity requires players to save hostages from enemy gangs. Players must infiltrate enemy territory, take out the guards, and rescue the hostages before escorting them to a safe location. The more hostages players rescue, the more money and respect they earn. However, players must be careful not to harm the hostages or get caught by the enemy gang.

4. What is the Drug Trafficking activity?

The Drug Trafficking activity involves players transporting drugs from one location to another while avoiding police and rival gangs. Players must follow a designated route and deliver the drugs within a specific time frame to earn money and respect. However, players must also avoid damaging the drugs or getting caught by law enforcement.

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