Saints Row 2022: Take Me to Church – Walkthrough

Take Me to the Church is a crucial mission in Saints Row, where you can access the new Saints headquarters. This guide explains how to destroy the construction site, scare Blande with drifts and car jumps, and enter the church.

This page of our Saints Row guide provides a walkthrough for the main mission Take Me to Church. Our guide explains how to demolish the construction site, perform drifts, jumps, and drive on the wrong lane to acquire documents from Blande, how to access the church, and unlock a new hideout.

  • Quest Rewards
  • Take Your Friends to See the Church
  • Get in the Front Loader
  • Defeat Marshall Security
  • Find Blande
  • Scare Blande – Drifting, Driving in the Wrong Lane, Jumping
  • Find a Way into the Church
  • Kill the Idols

Quest Rewards

  1. XP and Cash
  2. Unlocking the New Saints HQ: The Church – It Will Serve as Your Hideout, Replace the Apartment, and Have an Armory, Garage, and Bed to Sleep In

Take Your Friends to See the Church

Select the mission on your smartphone, watch the cutscene, and head to the abandoned church in Old Town Shoreline.

Get in the Front Loader

Destroy the construction site by using the vehicle parked in front of the church. You can raise and lower the bucket with the L1/LB button while demolishing the area. Destroy everything until you fill the demolition bar.

Defeat Marshall Security

Run over enemies and destroy their cars using the front loader during this encounter or fight them on foot. After the battle, talk to your allies by the church and listen to the plan.

Find Blande

Locate the official you are searching for and kidnap him by entering his car.

Scare Blande – Drifting, Driving in the Wrong Lane, Jumping

Scare Blande to hand over the church’s deed by drifting, driving in the wrong lane, and jumping. Drift on long and wide stretches of road, drive on the wrong lane while avoiding other vehicles, and jump over large ramps at the cemetery to fill the bar.

Blande will hand over the documents, and the plan will work.

Discover a way to enter the church

After obtaining the papers, speak with your allies and find a way to access the locked church building. Climb onto the lower roof and move across it until you reach the hole in the wall shown in the picture. Pass through it cautiously, descend the stairs, and unlatch the main door of the church from inside.

Eliminate the Idols

A multitude of Idols will appear in the vicinity, forcing you to engage in combat. Proceed to the areas marked with red dots, which signify your enemies. Employ your heaviest weapons and most potent abilities to vanquish the elite, armored adversaries. Remember to utilize Takedowns for healing and revive your fallen comrades.

Success in this encounter grants you the church as your new refuge.


What is Saints Row 2022: Take Me to Church?

Saints Row 2022: Take Me to Church is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It is the fifth main installment in the Saints Row series and is set to be released on August 23, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

What is the gameplay like in Saints Row 2022: Take Me to Church?

Saints Row 2022: Take Me to Church features an open-world environment set in Santo Ileso, a fictional city inspired by the southwestern United States. Players take on the role of the leader of the Saints gang and must recruit members, take over territories, and complete missions to gain control of the city.

The game features a variety of vehicles and weapons, including customizable cars, motorcycles, and helicopters, as well as melee weapons and firearms. Players can also customize their character’s appearance and abilities, with various clothing options and skill trees available.

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