Saints Row 2022: The Forge – Walkthrough

The Forge is a major mission in Saints Row that involves helping Neenah sabotage the titular object. Our guide’s tutorial will show you how to steal a combat helicopter, destroy ground targets, infiltrate a factory, defeat a mini-boss, and destroy the Forge.

This mission involves helping Neenah sabotage the Forge by stealing a combat helicopter, eliminating targets and helicopters in the factory, sabotaging the Forge, defeating the mini-boss of the Los Panteros gang, and escaping the Forge before destroying it. Our walkthrough will guide you through each step of the mission.

  • Quest Rewards
  • Meet Neenah at FB’s
  • Steal the Helicopter
  • Get to the Scorpion Factory
  • Landing the Helicopter
  • Destroy Los Panteros Vehicles
  • Find the Forge
  • Power Up the Console
  • Reset the First Relay
  • Reset the Second Relay
  • Find a Way Out

Quest Rewards

  1. XP and cash;
  2. bonus to strength and health for Neenah, who will become stronger and fight better (it is worth calling her through the phone more often);

  1. HQ Helipad – it is located next to the Church and initially, only the civilian Thompson helicopter will be available (unfortunately, in the place where you stole the combat helicopter during the mission, you will not find another similar machine);
  2. unique car: Crash Test Car.

Meet Neenah at FB’s

You can only start this mission after completing Neenah’s Car. In this mission, you will help your ally take revenge on Sergio for destroying her car.

After the mission starts, take any vehicle and drive to the meeting point. You will find Neenah standing on the pavement – talk to her.

Steal the Helicopter

Go to the place marked on the map. There is a combat helicopter that you must steal. It is not guarded – you can board it right away.

Take a moment to learn the basics of flight, especially if this is your first experience with a flying machine. Use separate buttons to increase and decrease the flight altitude. The helicopter is also equipped with a turret and a rocket launcher.

Get to the Scorpion Factory

Begin your flight to the enemy factory. After you get there, start destroying the marked ground targets. Shoot the targets with rockets to destroy them faster.

Enemy helicopters will attack you. Focus on destroying them right after they appear. Move from side to side while firing so that you won’t be an easy target for them.

Also, watch out for the guards with rocket launchers on the roof of one of the buildings. Shoot them from a safe distance.

Landing the Helicopter

After destroying all ground targets, you must land on the roof of one of the buildings. Try not to crash – lower your altitude slowly.

Open the hatch on the roof to get inside the factory.

Destroy Los Panteros Vehicles

To destroy enemy vehicles, use quickshots on nearby objects or a powerful rifle or shotgun to deplete their durability bar. When encountering members of Los Panteros, prioritize attacking those who cause the most trouble and perform takedowns on them.

Find the Forge

Follow Neenah to the next room to find new vehicles to destroy. Use the same tactics as before, but be aware that some enemies may be stronger with yellow shield bars. Help Neenah if she gets knocked down during fights. Move on and defeat more Los Panteros after winning the battle.

Power up the Console

Interact with the console in the control room and head to the fuse box. Expect large numbers of enemies to appear, so prioritize attacking those with yellow armor bars and use takedowns to stay alive while defending yourself.

Reset the First Relay

Clear the enemies near the relay before performing an interaction that will last a few seconds.

Reset the Second Relay

Repeat the same process with the second relay. Be aware that a mini-boss from the Los Panteros gang will appear in the Forge, so keep moving, attack from a distance, and use takedowns on regular enemies to heal.

Find a Way Out

Race against time to escape the Forge before it is destroyed. Use the best weapons and offensive skills to deal with nearby enemies, but avoid damaging the parked car needed to exit the building. After defeating the enemies, break through the glass wall and complete the mission.


What is Saints Row 2022: The Forge?

Saints Row 2022: The Forge is the latest installment in the popular open-world action-adventure video game series. Developed by Volition, the game is set in the futuristic city of Santo Ileso, where players take on the role of the leader of a gang trying to take over the city’s criminal underworld. The game features a variety of weapons, vehicles, and customization options for players to use as they explore the city and complete missions.

How do I play Saints Row 2022: The Forge?

To play Saints Row 2022: The Forge, you will need to own a compatible gaming console or PC and purchase the game either digitally or physically. Once you have the game, you can begin playing by creating your character and starting the game’s story campaign. The game also features a variety of side missions and activities for players to complete, as well as online multiplayer modes.

What are some tips for completing Saints Row 2022: The Forge?

Some tips for completing Saints Row 2022: The Forge include exploring the city to find hidden collectibles and weapons, upgrading your character’s abilities and equipment, and completing side missions to earn additional rewards and experience points. It is also important to choose your gang’s activities carefully, as certain choices can have consequences later in the game. Additionally, using cover and taking advantage of the game’s various vehicles can help you succeed in combat situations.

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