Saints Row 2022: The Frontier – step-by-step guide

The Frontier is a jailbreak mission in Saints Row. Our guide offers a walkthrough on how to infiltrate the prison, free Nahualli and safely escape the Frontier facility.

In The Frontier mission, your objective is to sneak into a prison. Our walkthrough explains how to get inside, move around disguised as a guard, release Nahualli from his cage and escape the prison with him.

  • Completing the mission rewards:
  • Wingsuit onto the prison
  • Break into the prison
  • Stealth your way through
  • Find the Nahualli
  • Get to the control room
  • Destroy the servers
  • Save Nahualli
  • Escape the prison
  • Steal the truck
  • Ram your way out

Completing the mission rewards

  1. XP and cash;
  2. new song: Get Free – The Vines.

Wingsuit onto the prison

Head to the church and listen to the heroes discussing how to break Nahualli out of prison.

Your character regains control while high up in the air. Jump out of the helicopter and glide towards the roof of the prison’s main building. Ensure you slow down when close (L2/LT on the controller) to land safely.

Break into the prison

Examine the roof – locate the hatch shown above and interact with it.

Stealth your way through

Once in the prison, avoid detection by other guards or you’ll fail the mission. This stealth segment is a bit unusual. You must avoid staying in a guard’s field of view for too long – don’t let the bar around the exclamation mark fill all the way.

You can quickly walk past the first encountered guard. Don’t stop and keep moving. He won’t turn around once you leave his field of view, allowing you to proceed.

You’ll get to the first prison block. Here, you have more freedom. Reach the stairs, go up and move to the next part of the prison.

Go through some corridors until you reach the second prison block. Several guards patrol the lower level, but you can avoid detection by hiding behind obstacles. Wait for the guards to move the other way before proceeding.

Just like before, reach the stairs, go up and leave the block.

Find the Nahualli

You’ll eventually get to a room where Nahualli is held in the central cage. Talk to him and use the exit at the back of the room.

Get to the control room

Follow the linear path and bypass the next guard before he exposes you.

Talk to the commander in the prison room – he’ll recognize you and you’ll need to take him out. Kill him in melee or with a Takedown.

Dismantle the Servers

Equip your firearm and shoot at the servers marked with red icons until they explode.

Rescue Nahualli

You can observe the scene from behind the glass wall or proceed to the cage room, where you’ll find your new ally has already defeated all the enemies.

Escape from the Jail

You must embark on a long journey through the prison, encountering Marshall guards and escaped prisoners. Eliminate the guards, as they are armed with guns. Ignore the prisoners unless they attack you.

Nahualli does not require much protection, but revive him if he is knocked down.

In the last block of the prison, elite guards with good weapons and armor bars will appear. Target one at a time and aim for their heads. Use Takedowns when their armor breaks.

You will eventually arrive at the parking lot.

Steal the Truck

Steal the truck with a mounted turret. This is the vehicle you will use to escape. Nahualli will automatically mount the turret.

Crash your way out

Drive through the outer courtyard, avoiding enemy cars. The main gate will close, forcing you to turn left.

Head for the ramps and use them to jump.

You will briefly travel on a path next to the prison, but you must use more ramps immediately. Eventually, you will arrive at the main building’s rooftop. Keep driving, and with one last jump, you will crash into a helicopter mid-air and land outside the prison walls. This concludes the mission. You do not need to return to the Saints HQ.


What is Saints Row 2022: The Frontier?

Saints Row 2022: The Frontier is the latest installment in the popular open-world action-adventure video game franchise, Saints Row. It takes place in the year 2022 and is set in a new location, the American Southwest. The game features a brand new storyline, new characters, and new gameplay mechanics. Players take on the role of the leader of the Saints gang, who must navigate the dangerous world of crime and corruption while building their empire and taking on rival gangs.

What can players expect from the gameplay in Saints Row 2022: The Frontier?

Players can expect a lot of the same over-the-top action and humor that the Saints Row franchise is known for. The game features a large open world that players can explore, with a variety of vehicles and weapons at their disposal. There are also a variety of missions and activities to complete, including both story missions and side content. One of the new gameplay mechanics in Saints Row 2022: The Frontier is the ability to recruit and play as different characters with unique abilities. The game also features co-op multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends to take on the game’s challenges together.

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