Saints Row 2022: Vehicles – How to Steal and Obtain for Free?

In Saints Row, it’s important to steal better vehicles to enhance your experience. This guide will explain how car theft works and how to get vehicles without paying.

This guide will help you acquire good vehicles, both parked and driven by NPCs. Additionally, you will learn how to obtain vehicles for free. For information on how to save stolen vehicles in your garage, visit our “Saving Vehicles – How?” page.

  • Stealing Vehicles
  • Obtaining Free Vehicles

Stealing Vehicles

Stealing parked vehicles is easy – you don’t need any special tools or lockpicks. Simply approach the vehicle and press the interaction button to steal it.

Stealing moving vehicles requires more effort, as you need to make the vehicle stop or block its path. Press the interaction button to eject the driver. Keep in mind that the driver might try to get their vehicle back, so you should leave the scene as soon as possible. If someone calls the police, your Notoriety will increase. It’s not recommended to steal cars if you want to avoid trouble with the law.

Obtaining Free Vehicles

You can obtain some vehicles for free as you progress through the game. The first free car you’ll receive is the Ridgelord pick-up, which is automatically and permanently unlocked after completing the prologue.

Completing optional activities can also reward you with vehicles. For example, completing the Pony Express Side Hustles will unlock different types of buggies.


What are the ways to steal vehicles in Saints Row 2022?

In Saints Row 2022, there are several ways to steal vehicles. The easiest and most common way is to approach a parked vehicle and press the appropriate button to enter it. However, if the vehicle is locked, you can try breaking the window and hotwiring it. Another option is to hijack a vehicle by pulling the driver out of it. This can be done by approaching the vehicle and pressing the appropriate button to initiate the carjack. You can also use weapons to force the driver out of the vehicle. Another way to steal vehicles is to purchase the appropriate upgrades that allow you to hack into them remotely and take control.

Is it possible to get vehicles for free in Saints Row 2022?

It is possible to get vehicles for free in Saints Row 2022. One way to do this is to find abandoned or unattended vehicles on the streets or in parking lots. These vehicles can be entered and driven without any cost. Another way to get free vehicles is to complete certain missions or activities that reward you with them. For example, completing a racing mission may reward you with a high-performance vehicle. Additionally, some vehicles can be unlocked through the game’s progression system, allowing you to obtain them for free by reaching certain milestones. Finally, you can also steal vehicles from rival gangs or enemy factions, which can be used or sold for profit.

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