Saints Row: Marina West Side Hustles – List and Descriptions of Activities

In this game guide for Saints Row 2022, we have provided information about the locations and descriptions of all the available side activities from the Side Hustles category in the Marina West district. Completing these activities will earn you additional experience points and money.

Wingsuit Saboteur


  1. 1,200 XP,
  2. $4,000.

You can find the questgiver in the south-eastern part of the location. The objective is to jump out of the plane and use a wingsuit to reach three specific places. Once there, you have to take out the bombs and destroy the antennas on the roof. Eliminate anyone who stands in your way. Use weather stations to launch yourself into the air and travel between rooftops. The mission ends after destroying all the required antennas.

If you fall off the roof, you will return to the plane and continue the task. However, if you die, the mission won’t end, but your progress will be reset.


Reward: Varies based on the rating.

This quest is available in the central part of the region. Your mission is to go to the place indicated on the map and rate La Bodega. The lower the rating, the more opponents and the better the reward. Protect your rating by eliminating enemies and surviving. A Monster Truck will work great in this scenario. Check out the Monster truck (Gargantua) – how to unlock? page to find out how to get one.


What are the available side hustles in Saints Row: Marina West?

In Saints Row: Marina West, players can engage in several side hustles to earn extra cash and rewards. These include:

  • Drug Trafficking – Players can sell drugs to various contacts around the city, avoiding the police and rival gangs.
  • Taxi Service – Players can become a taxi driver and pick up passengers to earn money. They can also upgrade their taxi to increase fares and make the job easier.
  • Insurance Fraud – Players can fake injuries and accidents to earn insurance payouts. The more damage they cause, the more money they can earn.
  • Chop Shop – Players can steal and sell cars to a chop shop, earning cash and upgrading their own vehicles.
  • Protection Racket – Players can extort money from various businesses and protect them from rival gangs. The more businesses they control, the more money they can earn.

What rewards can players earn from completing side hustles in Saints Row: Marina West?

By completing side hustles in Saints Row: Marina West, players can earn various rewards, such as:

  • Cash – The primary reward for completing side hustles is cash, which players can use to purchase weapons, vehicles, and upgrades.
  • Respect – Players can earn respect by completing side hustles, which unlocks new missions and abilities.
  • Upgrades – Some side hustles, such as the chop shop and taxi service, allow players to upgrade their vehicles and increase their earnings.
  • Unlocks – Some side hustles, such as drug trafficking, can unlock new weapons and abilities for the player.

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