New main task: Talk to Nazir

New main task: Get the initial set of contracts from Nazir

You can find Nazir in the main cave or dining room of the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary. Initiate the conversation and inquire about the first contracts that need to be assigned to you (shown in the screenshot above). Nazir will provide you with three contracts, which will unlock the Dark Brotherhood side quests associated with them.

Unlocked Dark Brotherhood quest: Side Contract: Kill Beitild

Unlocked Dark Brotherhood quest: Side Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius

Unlocked Dark Brotherhood quest: Side Contract: Kill Narfi

You can only start another major Dark Brotherhood quest after completing one of the side contracts mentioned above. It is advisable to assassinate all three people so that you can easily unlock other optional contracts later in the game. After completing the contracts, return to the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary regardless of how many you’ve completed, and watch a new cutscene in the main cave (as shown in the screenshot above) to activate the Mourning Never Comes quest. You can then proceed to the next quest’s description.


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