Sand Central Station | Walkthrough

Characters: Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man

True Believer Status: 70В 000 studs

At the start of the game, you will control two superheroes: Hulk and Iron Man. Hulk is a great fighter, especially effective in huge battles with multiple enemies. He can use an area smash attack by jumping and pressing the attack button. Iron Man prefers modern technology, which grants him the ability to fly and shoot rockets. Both characters must work together to beat the level.

The beginning of the stage is pretty simple – destroy all obstacles in your way and then reach the wall with two hydrants on both sides of the street. You will be attacked by an infinite wave of enemies, but they are not very dangerous and can be ignored.

When you reach the place with red hydrants, use Iron Man’s ability to shoot at the silver valves. This will wet the sand wall. Only characters with missile attack can destroy silver bricks.

As Hulk, approach the wall and smash it with your bare hands. Catch the green handles and pull them to lift the whole bus. Only a character as strong as Hulk can do this. Throw it away and continue your journey.

Approach the next truck and use Iron Man’s rocket attack to aim at the silver part of the vehicle. When the bricks are scattered, build another green handle from them and use Hulk to clear the way. Note that big characters like Hulk cannot build anything from bricks.

Lift the truck with Hulk and throw it away. Approach the Abomination and fight with him during a simple QTE sequence.

The duel is very easy – constantly mash the attack button and hit the interaction button as fast as you can when the characters change their position. Repeat this combination two more times to finish the struggle.

In the next location, choose Hulk. Lift the object on the left using green handles and hurl it at the sand hand on the opposite. It’s now time for Iron Man – steady your aim and shoot at the silver barriers on the right. When another green handle appears, use Hulk’s strength to pull them out. Afterwards, throw furniture at the second hand.

When you move further, you will face a train with 21 sand creeps on it. To move forward, simply kill all of the enemies. They cannot shoot, so Iron Man can easily fly away and target them with his rockets. When playing Hulk, just smash every enemy in the area.

After finishing the struggle, move forward and use Iron Man’s rockets to shoot at the silver ball placed on the right. Build a water cannon from debris by holding down the interaction button and use it to wet the blockade. Now smash it with Hulk to make a passage.

To progress, use Iron Man’s rockets to destroy the balustrade on the right. From the debris, build a rock with green handles and lift it with Hulk. Throw an object at the green gate to be blown outside, towards the last part of the level.

You will encounter Spider-Man, who possesses spider-like abilities such as fast movement and the ability to detect hidden objects. He can climb on walls marked in red and blue.

Select Spider-Man and use spider sense to reveal a hidden passage on the wall. Climb on it and pull out the red and blue panel.

After the satellite goes down, build a device with green handles from debris and use it with Hulk to destroy the first generator.

Switch to Iron Man and destroy the silver barriers on the left. Use Spider-Man’s spider sense to detect and pull out the hidden panel.

Head to the central part of the location and use Spider-Man’s web to target the big A letter. Once it falls, the way to the boss will be open.

Use Spider-Man to activate the blue-red panel and create a rope. Switch to Hulk and transform him into Bruce Banner.

Climb on the rope and turn Hulk back into a savage monster. Destroy the silo with green handles and use the debris to build a water cannon. Shoot the enemy and attack the green wall with Hulk.

Head to the left and destroy the pile of sand with Hulk’s smash attack. Build a concrete mixer and throw it at the enemy. Continue attacking the giant until it falls.

Use Spider-Man to unlock the switch on the blue-red panel on the left.

Destroy the silver obstacle on the right with Iron Man. Use the second switch to unlock the water tank.

Activate both switches and use spider sense to reveal another blue-red panel. Pull it out with Spider-Man and defeat the enemy with Hulk.


1. What is Sand Central Station?

Sand Central Station is a level in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. It takes place in a train station in the center of New York City made entirely out of sand. The level involves the player controlling multiple characters to complete various tasks and defeat enemies.

2. How do I unlock Sand Central Station?

To unlock Sand Central Station, you must first complete the level “S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier” in story mode. Once you have completed that level, Sand Central Station will become available to play in free play mode.

3. What characters are available in Sand Central Station?

There are several characters available to play in Sand Central Station, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. Additionally, there are several other characters that can be unlocked by completing certain tasks or finding hidden collectibles throughout the level.

4. How long does it take to complete Sand Central Station?

The length of time it takes to complete Sand Central Station will vary depending on the player’s skill level and how thoroughly they explore the level. On average, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete the level.

5. Are there any secrets or hidden areas in Sand Central Station?

Yes, there are several secrets and hidden areas in Sand Central Station. These areas can contain valuable collectibles, such as character tokens and gold bricks, which can be used to unlock new characters and levels. Exploring the level thoroughly and using each character’s unique abilities is key to finding these hidden areas.

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