Sasau Quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are marked with exclamation points on your map and are known as activities. This guide will provide you with a list of activities that you can unlock in Sasau, including the city itself, the nearby monastery, and other minor locations in the area.

  • Thick as Thieves – Simon
  • Green-Eyed Monster
  • The Queen of Shebas Sword
  • Interlopers

Thick as Thieves – Simon

How to unlock: Talk to Miller Simon in his home located east of the monastery in Sasau.

  1. You can’t start this quest directly in Sasau. You need to reach a small home located east of the monastery (see screenshot).
  2. There, you can speak with Miller Simon about assignments for the “guild of thieves.” He will cooperate with you if you completed the quest “The Good Thief” for Miller Peshek in Rattay and were able to steal a ring for him.

Assignment 1 – Stealing Fine Brocade

  1. The tailor’s hut is located in the center of Sasau, not far from the church. It’s best to wait until nighttime and break into the building.
  2. You need to access a room which is occupied by the tailor and his guard during the day. Fine brocade is on the shelf (see picture). Bring it to Simon and you will receive 65 Groschen.

Assignment 2 – Stealing Beer Recipe

You need to visit a tavern in Uzhitz. Once again, we highly recommend breaking into the building at night. Sneak into the room with the sleeping innkeeper (you should remove all the pieces of your armor) and keep in mind that the beer recipe is well-hidden. It’s between the jugs and plates, on the shelf (you can see its exact location in the above picture). Take the recipe to Simon and receive your reward – 95 Groschen.

Assignment 3 – Stealing Noble Spurs

  1. The cobbler, located in the urban part of Sasau, has the noble spurs. Similarly to Simon’s first assignment, you should break into the hut during the night. Enter the room with the sleeping cobbler.
  2. The noble spurs are in the chest right next to him. You can use a lockpick to open the chest (low security level, but highly possible that the cobbler will wake up), or steal the chest key from one of the sleeping people. Take the item to Simon and gain 175 Groschen.

Green-Eyed Monster

How to unlock: Speak with the farmhand in the monastery in Sasau.

The farmhand can be found in the home located by the monastery in Sasau. He will have some minor assignments for Henry, and all of them are connected with stealing specific items for him.

The first two missions involve stealing items from people on a nearby farm. The first task is to take an amulet pouch from a herbalist, and the second involves stealing a shawl from a farm girl. It’s important to do these at night, without armor, and to knock out the targets in order to loot them. The reward for completing both tasks is 100 Groschen.

The final mission requires stealing a tinderbox from a tailor in the southern part of the city. Once again, it’s best to do this at night and knock out the tailor in order to take the tinderbox from his inventory. Completing all three missions rewards the player with special Slippers worth 350 Groschen, which improve stealth and charisma.

To unlock the quest for the Queen of Sheba’s Sword, the player must talk to the swordsmith in Sasau. The swordsmith will explain that the sword can be forged once the player finds and brings him five pieces of the sword. The first piece can be found in the inventory of a blacksmith in Ledetchko, which can be acquired by sneaking into his hut at night and knocking him out.

Finding the Sword Pieces

  1. To obtain the second sword piece, start the Aquarius side quest in Rattay and find Beggar Pickman a job. He will give you the sword piece as a thank you. If you have already completed the quest and chose other refugees for the job, knock out or pickpocket Pickman to obtain the sword piece.
  2. Break into the weaponsmith’s hut at night in Rattay and find the missing sword piece in one of the chests. Use a lockpick or steal the chest key from one of the sleeping people.
  3. Wait until the daytime to find Blacksmith Zach south of Sasau, and pickpocket him while his helper is away to obtain the third sword piece.
  4. Locate the blacksmith’s hut in the west part of Talmberg and break in at night or steal the key from the blacksmith who works by the quarry. Find the sword piece on one of the barrels in the storage room.

Assembling the Sword and Reward

Return to the swordsmith in Sasau with all five sword pieces, and he will reward you with wages and forge the Queen of Sheba’s Sword for you. Wait at least one day before purchasing the sword for around 2000 Groschen.

  1. Weapon type: Longsword.
  2. Requires: 12 Strength.
  3. Damage: 65 stab, 65 slash, 3 blunt.
  4. Defense: 100.
  5. Charisma: 18.
  6. Durability: 10.
  7. Weight: 3.1 pound.


To unlock this activity, talk to Sir Sebastian von Berg after completing the Raiders activity in Talmberg. Complete all Cuman disposal orders for Commander Robard before meeting Sebastian at the Sasau Monastery. He will assign missions to eliminate bandit leaders and bring back a trophy as proof. Return to Sebastian after each mission to claim your reward (Groschen).


1. What are some fun activities to do in Sasau in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

There are several fun activities to do in Sasau in Kingdom Come Deliverance. One of the most popular activities is to visit the Sasau Monastery and participate in the brewing mini-game. You can also visit the local blacksmith and haggle for some new weapons or armor. Another activity is to go fishing in the nearby river or hunt for game in the woods. Sasau also has a bathhouse where you can relax and improve your charisma. Finally, you can visit the local tavern and play dice or drink with the locals.

2. How do I start the brewing mini-game in Sasau Monastery?

To start the brewing mini-game in Sasau Monastery, you need to first speak with Brother Nicodemus. He will give you a tour of the monastery and then offer to teach you how to brew. Once you have completed his tutorial, you can start brewing on your own. You will need to gather ingredients, grind them, and then boil them in the cauldron. The better you are at brewing, the more money you can make by selling your beer to the locals.

3. What kind of game can I hunt in Sasau?

You can hunt a variety of game in Sasau, including deer, boar, and rabbits. To hunt, you will need a bow and arrows, as well as some hunting skills. You can improve your hunting skills by practicing on animals in the woods or by completing quests for the local huntsman. Once you have hunted some game, you can sell the meat to the local butcher for a profit.

4. How do I improve my charisma at the Sasau bathhouse?

To improve your charisma at the Sasau bathhouse, you need to first pay for a bath. Once you are in the bath, you can choose to talk with the bathmaid and engage in some flirty conversation. The better you are at conversation, the more your charisma will improve. You can also choose to drink wine or spirits during your bath, which will also improve your charisma. Finally, you can pay for a massage, which will further improve your charisma and also give you a bonus to your speech skill.

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