Sasau | Side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

This page provides a list of side quests that players can unlock in Sasau, including the town, the adjacent monastery, and some nearby smaller locations.

  • In Gods Hand
  • Weeds
  • New Herbarium
  • Saintly Remains
  • Rattle
  • Damsel in Distress
  • A Friend In Need…
  • Miracles While You Wait

In Gods Hand

How to unlock: Talk to Johanka in Sasau Monastery.

Johanka can be found in one of two places within the Sasau Monastery (as seen in the picture above) depending on the time of day – the stable or the infirmary where she tends to the sick. Ask her about whether the locals need assistance and select all available dialogue lines.

Game meat for infirmary

One of the easiest parts of this mission involves bringing Johanka 10 pieces of game meat. The meat can be raw, boiled, or dried and can be obtained through hunting, purchasing from traders (such as the innkeeper in the nearby inn), or theft (by searching rooms for supplies).

Meet with Brother Nicodemus

Brother Nicodemus can be found in the infirmary or in the adjacent room with an alchemy bench (as indicated by the alchemy bench icon on the monastery’s map). Speak with him about the sick and methods for improving the infirmary. He will instruct you to visit the Custodian.

Get additional supplies from the Custodian

Locate the Custodian Sebastian von Berg within the monastery (usually found in the northern building) and speak with him. You can persuade him to assist with the sick (as Sebastian has 14 points in that category) or bribe him (for 150 Groschen or less if you haggle).

Once you have helped the people in the infirmary, the topic of supplies can be revisited. Sebastian will visit the infirmary and continue to woo Johanka. The following options are available (as seen in the picture above):

Defend Johanka – This option yields no rewards. Do not choose the second, “aggressive,” option as you may be sent to jail for offending the Custodian.

Use persuasion – Remember, Sebastian has 14 points in that category.

Leave the infirmary – You will not receive any supplies, but your relationship with Sebastian will not worsen.

Wait for some time after successfully using persuasion and meet with the Custodian in the northern building. Use persuasion again. If successful, the man will provide supplies to the infirmary.

Note – Failing to obtain supplies will not end the entire quest. Players can still help Johanka in other ways.

Reach the infirmary

The infirmary is the western building adjacent to where Brother Nicodemus works (as indicated by the herbalist icon on the map). The building is shown in the picture. Inside, players will find numerous sick individuals and can choose to assist them.

Infirmary – The man who suffers from insomnia

Speak with the sick man and learn about his affliction. Then, speak with Brother Nicodemus, who will provide you with the Lullaby Potion recipe. Players can:

To complete this quest, you will need to brew a potion using alchemy, which can be done using the bench in the room next to the infirmary. Alternatively, you can purchase Lullaby Potion from a trader for 30-40 Groschen. Once you have the potion, give it to the man.

Next, speak with Quarryman Semek in the infirmary and learn that he needs Comfrey, a purple herb. You can either purchase it from Brother Nicodemus or find it in the garden located east of the infirmary. Return to Semek with the herb.

Hans from Skalitz also needs your help. He requires 10 bandages, which you can find or purchase from Brother Nicodemus. Give the bandages to Hans.

The villager with a broken leg needs your assistance as well. Talk to Johanka about his condition and use your First Aid perk to straighten his leg. If you do not have the perk, seek help from Herman the Executioner. Note that the villager can die if you do not help him quickly enough.

Philip from Skalitz is suffering from an unknown disease. Speak with Johanka and find Father Simon to obtain the Artemisia recipe. Brew the potion and give it to Philip, but be sure to do so within two hours or he may die.

Once you have completed all of the tasks in the infirmary, return to Johanka to complete the quest. To unlock the “Weeds” quest, speak with Brother Nicodemus in Sasau Monastery and follow his instructions to remove the correct herbs from the garden.

To unlock the “New Herbarium” quest, you must speak with Brother Nicodemus in the Sasau Monastery. After completing the previous quest given by Nicodemus, you must remove Nettle, Dandelion, and Thistle from the garden while leaving Mint and Eyebright. Once finished, Nicodemus will check your work, and your payment will depend on your performance. You can find the necessary herbs throughout the world or purchase them from herbalists. Additionally, you must bring an old book, which can also be found in the world or bought from a scribe. Once you have found all the ingredients, return to Nicodemus to receive your payment.

To unlock the “Saintly Remains” quest, speak with Urban in the Sasau Monastery. Urban usually guards the entrance to the northern building in the monastery that serves as the Custodian’s office. The quest requires you to retrieve the remains of St. Procopius, which are not located where they should be. You can find an optional bowl in a small cave at the excavation site. You can either give Urban the bowl or find fake remains. To find the fake remains, you can either dig up a specific grave at the local cemetery or buy a bone from Charlatan in the market. Once you have acquired the fake remains or the bowl, return to Urban to receive your payment.

To unlock the “Rattle” quest, talk to Zach the blacksmith, who lives in a house south of the Sasau Monastery. During the main quest called “All that Glisters,” you can press Zach after learning he illegally stores copper, resulting in this side quest. Alternatively, you can unlock it later on in the game. During your conversation with Zach, you will learn about his conflict with Otto. You must promise to help him and suggest an alternative solution, which involves stealing the armor.

The workshop of Otto is located in the town part of Sasau. If you plan on stealing the armor, sneak up there during the night and ensure that no guards are present. Remove any noisy parts of the armor and open the difficult lock. Once inside, head to the 1st floor and find the Short common hauberk in the chest shown above. Use a lockpick or the key stolen from Otto to open it. Take the armor and return it to Zach to receive payment.

You can also opt for an honorable duel with Master Otto. Speak to him about it and he may offer another reward if you lose. Talk to the head of the village to organize the duel, which can only take place during the day. After the fight, collect your payment from Zach if you win or receive your reward from Otto if you lose. The valuable Armourer’s Ota’s cuirass is also included in the reward.

Damsel in Distress

To unlock this quest, speak with Florian in Sasau.

Florian is the engraver’s apprentice whom you can find during the day in one of the buildings in the town center. During the main quest, Not all that Glisters, you may have an opportunity to question him and unlock this side quest. Alternatively, you can unlock it later in the game.

To find Esther, head to the hills west of Rovna and locate the camp shown on the screen. Defeat the 3-4 enemies in the area and then rescue Esther from the hut on the hill. You can find the key on one of the bandits or open the hut with an easy lockpick. Escort Esther to Sasau and speak with Florian to complete the quest.

A Friend In Need…

To unlock this quest, speak with Matthew or Fritz near the tavern in Sasau.

Matthew and Fritz can be found at the tavern south of the Sasau Monastery. Offer your help in finding them a job and inquire about their specialties to complete the quest.

Matthew and Fritz suggested visiting Theresa at Miller Peshek’s farm in Rattay. Speak with Theresa and propose a meeting with the miller from Ledetchko. Once you reach Ledetchko (the mill is located in the village center), talk to Miller Oliver. There are several ways to convince him to hire Henry’s friends:

  1. Use persuasion – the miller only has 1 point in this category.
  2. Use impression/admiration – the miller only has 1 point.
  3. Use intimidation – the miller has 4 points.
  4. Pay the miller to accept the work of Matthew and Fritz.

Return to your colleagues at the tavern in Rattay and share the good news. You won’t receive any payment from them, but you can visit them later in the game in Ledetchko and start an additional side quest. After a few days, the game will automatically switch to a side quest called “…Is a Friend Indeed”. Check the guide section on Ledetchko for a proper walkthrough.

Miracles While You Wait

To unlock this quest, talk to Charlatan in the town of Sasau.

Depending on the time of day, Charlatan can be found at his stall in the central part of Sasau or in the inn. He will give you a quest to acquire various objects and items that he plans to sell later as lucky artifacts that fulfill the dreams of their owners.

Important note: This quest has several major bugs that can make it difficult or even impossible to complete. If you encounter any serious problems while completing a task, consider taking care of it later – after the game receives a major update.

How to Get Procopius’ Tooth

Charlatan will inform you about a farmhand with a sick tooth that can be sold as belonging to St. Procopius once it’s extracted. Procopius works during the day on the farm to the south of the Sasau Monastery. You can obtain Procopius’ tooth in several ways:

  1. Provoke the farmhand to fight during the conversation. You have to defeat him in a fistfight and search him when he is unconscious.
  2. Pickpocket the farmhand. Do it from behind, choke him, and search him. Ensure there is no one around before attacking him.
  3. Convince the farmhand to extract the tooth. You have to convince him to visit the local blacksmith by using persuasion (the farmhand has 5 points) or by demonstrating medical knowledge (First Aid perk required). Then, accompany him on his way to the blacksmith and occasionally chat with him if he decides to withdraw. After reaching the place, a cutscene will be triggered, and you will get the tooth.

Be cautious – the last option is unfortunately heavily bugged. The farmhand can get stuck on objects from the environment, such as bushes or fences. In this case, use the speed-up time option and skip 1 or 2 hours. This should move the farmhand to the blacksmith’s location or immediately trigger a cutscene for tooth extraction.

Obtaining the Rafter’s Topping-out

To get the Topping-out (a branch), you need to go to the construction site at Sasau Monastery. Look for the scaffolding shown in the screenshot and climb up using the ladders.

Once you reach the top of the scaffolding, face the direction shown in the next screenshot and you will see the Topping-out. Do not attempt to jump near it or touch it. Instead, shoot the tree with an arrow to obtain a branch. After successfully obtaining the Topping-out, climb back down to the bottom of the scaffolding to retrieve it.

Obtaining the Cat’s Paw

The Cat’s Paw is in the possession of a local gambler whom you can often find in the tavern in the town of Sasau. You can obtain this “talisman” by:

  1. Stealing it from the Gambler – it’s best to wait until the man leaves the area around the tavern. You can use pickpocketing or choke him and search his body after he’s unconscious.
  2. Paying him for the Cat’s Paw – you must give him 150 groschen or negotiate a lower price.
  3. Forcing him to give it to you – you must intimidate him during your conversation. This attempt will be successful if you have at least 13 points in this category.
  4. Winning it in a Die game – You must bet 100 groschen at stake. If you win, the player will give you the Cat’s Paw.

Stealing the Shroud and Completing the Quest

Return all the “artifacts” to Charlatan:

  1. For the tooth, you’ll receive 5 bandages.
  2. For the Topping-out, you’ll receive 3x Bowman’s Brew.
  3. For the Cat’s Paw, you’ll receive Holy Trinity Die.

Charlatan will give Henry another task, which involves stealing the shroud of a recently deceased man (you can ask about the deceased man in the city, but it’s optional). Head to the Sasau church and look for the priest. You can either quickly steal the shroud or knock out the priest before stealing it. Afterward, steal the Monk’s habit from the corpse and return it to Charlatan. He will invite you for a meeting at his house in the city.

Go to Charlatan’s house and wait for him to arrive (you can use the time acceleration option if necessary). Give him the shroud, and an angry crowd will appear in front of the house. Charlatan will escape, and Henry must find a way to solve the new problem. You can either attack the villagers or defend yourself with persuasion by having a talk. Regardless of the selected option, you will complete the quest.

Note: In the console version of Kingdom Come, a serious bug may appear during the conversation with Charlatan in his house, making it impossible to complete the conversation. If you encounter this issue, try the following alternatives:

Speak with Charlatan when he plans to take some time for rest.

Speak with Charlatan while he’s standing (~ in standing position).

To fully experience the conversation with Charlatan, make sure to go through all the dialog options without skipping any. Take your time and be patient, waiting for the game to allow you to select the next option or until you finish the conversation.


What are the side quests in Sasau?

Sasau is a town in Kingdom Come Deliverance that has a number of side quests available for players. These quests include “The House of God” where players have to investigate a strange illness that is affecting the town’s inhabitants. “A Needle in a Haystack” is another quest where players have to infiltrate a monastery to uncover a plot against the king. “The Sport of Kings” is a horse race that players can participate in and win a valuable prize. “Aquarius” is another quest where players have to help a local blacksmith find a way to get water for his forge. These are just a few of the many side quests available in Sasau.

How do I start the side quests in Sasau?

To start the side quests in Sasau, players need to explore the town and talk to the various NPCs that are located there. Some quests may require players to have completed certain main quests or have a certain level of reputation with certain factions. Players can also check the notice board in the town square for any available quests. It’s important to note that some quests may have multiple outcomes depending on the choices that the player makes during the quest, so it’s important to pay attention to the dialogue and options presented during the quest. Completing side quests in Sasau not only provides players with valuable rewards but also helps to further the story and immerse players in the world of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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