Save Stan Lee

Stan Lee keeps getting himself into trouble and needs your help! You must rescue him fifty times throughout the game in order to unlock him as a playable character. Think of him as a collectible that is hidden in hard-to-reach areas.

You can rescue him in:

  • Main Campaign: 15 times + once between missions (in X-mansion)
  • Deadpool’s Bonus Missions: 11 times
  • New York City Map: 23 times

Rescuing every Stan Lee in peril is necessary to achieve a 100% completion rate in the game.


What was Stan Lee in Peril?

Stan Lee in Peril was a running gag in Lego video games that featured Marvel characters. It involved Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee being placed in a perilous situation in each level of the game, needing to be rescued by the player’s character.

Which Lego Marvel games featured Stan Lee in Peril?

Stan Lee in Peril was first introduced in Lego Marvel Super Heroes in 2013 and was subsequently featured in other Lego Marvel games, including Lego Marvel’s Avengers and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

What were some of the perilous situations Stan Lee was placed in?

Some of the perilous situations Stan Lee was placed in included being chased by the Hulk, trapped in a glass box by Magneto, and hanging from a ledge by Spider-Man’s webs. Each game featured different scenarios, providing a fun and unique challenge for players.

Did Stan Lee provide his own voice for the games?

Yes, Stan Lee provided his own voice for his character in the Lego Marvel games. He recorded lines for his character in each game, adding to the authenticity and humor of the Stan Lee in Peril gag.

What was the significance of Stan Lee in Peril for fans?

Stan Lee in Peril was a fun and beloved addition to the Lego Marvel games for fans. It showed a playful side to the comic book legend and provided a unique challenge for players. The gag also served as a nod to Lee’s many cameo appearances in Marvel movies and TV shows, cementing his place as a beloved icon in the Marvel universe.

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