Secret Locations in The Western Approach

F 1: Inquisition Flag near Poisonous Area

F 2.1: Inquisition Flag near Toxic Zone

F 2.2: Entrance to Coracavus

C 1: Cave near Dragon’s lair

C 2: Astrariums Cave

The map above showcases inaccessible locations that can be explored in The Western Approach.

The Poison Fumes area after the Inquisition removes it.

Point 1 marks the Poison Fumes region. To eliminate the fumes, approach the area and plant the Inquisition Flag in the right spot. Return to your base and order your team to remove the fumes. This will enable you to cross the area.

The newly constructed stairs.

Point 2 marks the darkspawn region. To locate their origin, complete the operation and return to your base to take appropriate measures. This will allow you to climb higher and explore the Coracavus ruins (point 2a on the map).

The locked cave entrance (currently).

Point 3 marks the cave entrance. Defeat the dragon after finishing several quests on the map to open the passage during the battle.

The opened cave entrance.

Point 4 marks the cave entrance. Solve all Astrariums in the location to open the passage automatically. The Astrariums are scattered throughout the map and exist in three regions.


What are hidden areas in The Western Approach?

Hidden areas in The Western Approach are locations that are not marked on the map and are often difficult to find. These areas are usually accessed through secret passages or by solving puzzles. Some hidden areas contain valuable loot, while others have unique enemies or environmental hazards. Exploring these areas can be rewarding for players who enjoy a challenge and want to discover all the secrets that The Western Approach has to offer.

Where can I find hidden areas in The Western Approach?

Hidden areas in The Western Approach are scattered throughout the zone. Some of the most popular hidden areas include the Tomb of Fairel, the Canyon Tomb, and the Forbidden Oasis. These areas can be accessed by finding secret entrances or by completing quests that lead to hidden locations. Players can also look for clues in the environment, such as unusual rock formations or hidden passages, to discover new areas. It is important to note that some hidden areas may be blocked off until certain quests are completed or areas are unlocked, so players should explore The Western Approach thoroughly to uncover all its secrets.

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