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Main points of M17 Emerald Graves – Secrets – Dragon Age: Inquisition

The collectibles include mosaic pieces, Thedas bottles, glyphs (runes) and other hidden items.

Other secrets include Dalian banner, Veil amplifier 1 and standards.

Mosaic pieces can be found in various locations such as Invasion collection, Chateau d’Onterre, Villa Maurel and Din’an Hanin.

Bottles of Thedas can be located on the wall while a Master Rune of Lightning is available as a glyph (rune).

If unable to find a collectible, try searching for a hidden passage in the caves or dungeons.

Refer to the map above for all the major locations of the collectibles in the Emerald Graves.


1. What are the secrets hidden in Emerald Graves?

Emerald Graves is a vast area in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it is full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Some of the secrets include hidden caves, ancient ruins, and treasure troves. Players can also find rare resources and crafting materials, unique weapons and armor, and hidden quests that can lead to significant rewards.

2. How do I find the secrets in Emerald Graves?

Exploration is the key to finding the secrets in Emerald Graves. Players should search every nook and cranny of the area, including caves, ruins, and hidden paths. They should also pay attention to their surroundings, as some secrets are hidden in plain sight. Finally, players can use their map to look for unexplored areas, which may contain hidden secrets.

3. What are the benefits of finding the secrets in Emerald Graves?

Finding the secrets in Emerald Graves can lead to many benefits for players. They can acquire rare resources and crafting materials that are essential for creating powerful weapons and armor. They can also find unique weapons and armor that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Finally, discovering hidden quests can lead to significant rewards, including experience points and valuable loot.

4. Are there any dangers associated with finding the secrets in Emerald Graves?

While finding the secrets in Emerald Graves can be rewarding, it can also be dangerous. Some secrets are guarded by powerful enemies and traps that can kill unprepared players. Players should make sure they are adequately equipped and leveled up before attempting to find the more challenging secrets. They should also be prepared to face unexpected challenges and surprises along the way.

5. Can I find all the secrets in Emerald Graves on my own?

Finding all the secrets in Emerald Graves on your own is possible, but it can be challenging. The area is vast, and some secrets are well hidden. Players may need to spend a lot of time exploring and experimenting to find all the secrets. However, there are many resources available online, including maps, guides, and walkthroughs, that can help players find all the secrets quickly and efficiently.

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