Shady Oaks Venture Description in Saints Row 2022

The Shady Oaks venture in Saints Row is described in our guide, including its hourly income, order filling process, and rewards for developing the business to 100%.

This page of our Saints Row guide provides a walkthrough for all the Shady Oaks missions. We explain how to unlock the venture, execute insurance scams, and the rewards for fully completing the venture’s questline.

  • Unlocking the Venture
  • General Venture Assumptions
  • 100% Completion Rewards
  • Orders
  • Tips for Insurance Fraud

Unlocking the Venture

To build Shady Oaks, you need to manually select its location on the venture map. It is one of the initial ventures, so building it won’t cost much. Choose your preferred location and start making a profit.

General Venture Assumptions

  1. Shady Oaks offers a base hourly profit of $1,250. Completing all the orders increases profits permanently to $2,500.
  2. Finishing all the orders rewards you with $30,000 and 5,000 XP.
  3. After maxing out the venture, you can still participate in scams in exchange for XP and cash.

100% Completion Rewards

Completing each successful insurance scam grants you XP and cash. You receive money for each completed order, which requires exceeding the required monetary threshold.

After finishing all Shady Oaks missions, you’ll receive $30,000 and 5,000 XP. The following rewards are also available:

  1. Shady Oaks Crew Outfits
  2. Shady Oaks Tattoo
  3. Weapon and Vehicle Mods
  4. Shady Oaks Sign


To execute the six insurance scams, throw yourself in front of cars, chain injuries into combos, and sustain as much heavy damage as possible. The monetary thresholds are high, requiring you to get a few million dollars in injuries to complete each order. If something goes wrong, you can always try again.

After finishing all six orders, go to Shady Oaks and talk to the woman to complete the venture. You’ll receive all the rewards listed above.

Strategies for committing insurance fraud

  1. Intentionally throw yourself under fast-moving vehicles to launch your character further and earn more points.
  2. While falling, aim to hit another vehicle to activate a combo and earn cash quickly. The higher your combo, the more money you’ll receive for each fall.
  3. Keep hitting cars or road signs to maintain your combo. Even minimal damage will prolong the combo’s duration.
  4. Take advantage of intentionally placed traffic jams to increase your combo score.
  5. Target larger vehicles, such as trucks, for more points and a higher launching force. Getting stuck between them can also lead to extra points and combos.
  6. Use adrenaline to your advantage by leveling it up through dangerous falls and car collisions. Once fully charged, adrenaline can cause a car to explode, making it even easier to earn points and combos.


What is Saints Row 2022: Shady Oaks?

Saints Row 2022: Shady Oaks is a new game in the Saints Row franchise set to release in 2022. The game is an open-world action-adventure game that takes place in the fictional city of Shady Oaks. Players take on the role of a new character in the Saints gang and work their way up the ranks by completing missions and taking over territories.

What are some new features in Saints Row 2022: Shady Oaks?

Saints Row 2022: Shady Oaks features several new gameplay mechanics and features. One of the most notable new features is the ability to customize your character’s appearance and abilities. Players can choose from a variety of different outfits, hairstyles, and tattoos to make their character unique. The game also features new vehicle customization options, allowing players to modify and upgrade their cars and motorcycles. Additionally, the game includes new co-op missions that can be played with up to four players online.

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