Sharper White Claws

To unlock this quest, you need to complete the Hunting Patterns quest and talk to Frederick.

You can find the quest giver, Frederick (M19,11).

The Trap in the Desert

After speaking with Frederick (M19,11) and completing the “Hunting Patterns” quest, head to the Southern end of the desert. Your task is to disarm five traps that belong to the enemy hunters (M19,15a-15e). These traps may look like regular animal traps, but they contain a big bait inside.

The Enemy Hunters

Once you’ve disarmed the traps, hunters will attack you from the North. The group consists of several archers and people with blades. Defeat them and return to Frederick.

You’ll receive the following rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (lots)
  • 200 Influence points
  • 2 Power points


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