Side Quest: Eliminate Agnis

New main objective: Eliminate Agnis

Important! This quest is voluntary and can only be accessed after completing The Silence Has Been Broken quest and all other side quests.

To unlock this quest, you must speak to Nazir and ask for new contracts. It is crucial to note that this quest and others will only be available once you finish all previous side quests. Leave the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and view the world map. Agnis is a servant at Fort Greymoor (shown in the above screen), which is located west of Whiterun. If you haven’t unlocked this location yet, begin your journey in Whiterun and follow the pavement path leading to the fort.

Agnis is located within the fort, but getting there is not easy. By default, the fort is a bandit headquarters, and you will be attacked when attempting to enter the area (shown in the above screen). If you choose this option, eliminate the archers first by searching for them on the outer walls.

It is also possible that the fort has been taken over by Imperial soldiers or Stormcloaks, but only if you have started civil war quests. If the fort is occupied by opposing conflict forces, nothing changes. However, if it is occupied by your allies, you can explore it without difficulty. In all situations, after reaching the main fort square and eliminating any opponents, proceed to the large entrance to the building (shown in the above screen).

Map markers: 1 – Starting location; 2 – Agnis’s quarters.

If the fort is controlled by enemy forces, the best solution from an assassin’s perspective is to sneak in, and the rest of this description explains how to do so. Wait until nightfall and explore the northwestern section of the fort’s surrounding wall, looking for the mid-flooded basement entrance shown in the above screen.

Once inside the fort, head east, but be cautious not to step on any bear traps along the way (shown in the above screen). After reaching the wall, turn right and cut the rope to trigger another trap. Then, use the stairs to get to the upper level and exit the basement.

Be extremely careful because you will find yourself in a room with one of the bandits (shown in the above screen). Try to kill him quietly (e.g., by stabbing him in the back with a dagger). Optionally, you can try to sneak behind him, but it will make your return journey after assassinating the target more difficult.

Regardless of whether you killed the bandit or not, you must now head east. After reaching the junction, turn left (shown in the above screen), and choose the northern corridor.

You can now approach the door to the servant’s bedroom carefully. Inside, in addition to Agnis, you may encounter another bandit (shown in the above screen). Depending on your preference, you can wait until he leaves or surprise him by opening the door and attacking him. However, if you make too much noise, at least one more guard will appear.

Once you have reached Agnis’s bedroom, you will find her either lying in her bed or sitting on a chair. Approach her carefully and eliminate her, whether it be with a dagger or an arrow to the head. It is important to note that if you have been sneaking thus far, it may be safer to leave the fort the same way you entered.

New main objective: Inform Nazir of your success

After completing the task, make your way back to the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and report to Nazir. He will reward you with gold for your successful mission.


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