Side Quest: Eliminate Anoriath

New main objective: Eliminate Anoriath

Note! This quest is not mandatory and can only be obtained while completing the quest The Silence Has Been Broken.

To activate this quest, you must ask Nazir for new contracts during your conversation with him. It’s important to note that this and other contracts will only be available if you’ve completed all previous side quests. Leave the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and access the world map. Anoriath resides in Whiterun (as shown in the screenshot above), so travel there.

Anoriath spends most of his time running the market store at the marketplace in Whiterun (as shown in the screenshot above) or walking down the streets. It’s not recommended to attack him during this time unless your character has good sneaking abilities and can attack from a distance. Otherwise, local guards will immediately attack you, and even if you surrender, you will have to pay a fine or go to jail.

You could wait for Anoriath to leave town and go hunting, but unfortunately, he rarely does so. Therefore, it’s best to wait until nightfall, as Anoriath should be asleep at the Drunken Huntsman inn (as shown in the screenshot above).

Enter the inn and locate the hunter in one of the side rooms. As there are other guests inside the inn during the night, don’t forget to close the door. Then, carefully approach the sleeping Anoriath (as shown in the screenshot above). Eliminate him in any way you see fit, such as stabbing him with a dagger or shooting an arrow at his head. After successfully completing the action, carefully open the door, leave the room, and close the door again.

New main objective: Report back to Nazir

You can now return to the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and inform Nazir of your success. If you plan on completing other contracts from him, you should only return to the assassins’ hideout after completing them all. Nazir will reward you with gold.


1. What is a side contract in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, a side contract is a type of quest that is not part of the main storyline or any of the major faction questlines. These quests are usually given to the player by non-playable characters (NPCs) who have a specific task or objective that needs to be completed. Side contracts can range from simple fetch quests to more complex tasks, such as assassinations or thefts.

2. Who is Anoriath in Skyrim?

Anoriath is an NPC in Skyrim who is a Bosmer (Wood Elf) and a merchant. He is a skilled hunter and can usually be found at his hunting camp, located southeast of Whiterun. Anoriath is known for selling various meats and hides, including venison, pheasant, and rabbit meat.

3. Why would someone want to kill Anoriath in Skyrim?

There are a few reasons why someone might want to kill Anoriath in Skyrim. One possible reason is that he is a target in a side contract given by the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins in the game. Another reason could be due to a personal vendetta or conflict with Anoriath himself, although this would not be a part of any quest or storyline.

4. How do you complete the side contract to kill Anoriath in Skyrim?

To complete the side contract to kill Anoriath in Skyrim, the player must first join the Dark Brotherhood and receive the contract from Nazir. Anoriath can be found at his hunting camp southeast of Whiterun. Once the player has killed him, they must return to Nazir to collect their reward.

5. What are the consequences of killing Anoriath in Skyrim?

If the player kills Anoriath in Skyrim as part of the Dark Brotherhood side contract, there are no major consequences other than receiving a reward for completing the task. However, if the player kills Anoriath outside of this quest, it could potentially have consequences with other NPCs or factions in the game, depending on the circumstances and motives behind the killing.

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