Side Quest: Eliminate Lurbuk

New Main Goal: Kill Lurbuk

Note! This quest is not mandatory and can only be accessed while completing the Whispers in the Dark quest.

To access this mission, you need to request new contracts from Nazir during your conversation with him. It’s important to note that in order to initiate the next main quest of the Dark Brotherhood, The Silence Has Been Broken, you must complete at least one of the side quests (we recommend completing all of them). Leave the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and open the world map. Lurbuk can be found in the town called Morthal (as shown in the screenshot above), located in the northern region of Skyrim. Travel there now.

Lurbuk is a bard in the Moorside Inn, located in the northwestern part of the town (as shown in the screenshot above). Since it’s unlikely that he will leave the inn, you’ll need to enter it.

We do not recommend attacking Lurbuk while he is in the main hall of the inn, as you will undoubtedly attract the attention of the local guards. Instead, wait until he goes to sleep in one of the rooms. Crouch and quietly enter the room where the bard is sleeping. It’s worth wearing the complete Shrouded Armor that Astrid gave you at the end of the quest With Friends Like These (or other, better armor if you have it). Carefully approach Lurbuk (as shown in the screenshot above) and eliminate him in whatever way you prefer – using a dagger or shooting an arrow into his head. After you’ve completed the mission, leave the inn immediately, since someone could come across Lurbuk’s corpse, and the room where he was sleeping has no door.

New Main Goal: Report back to Nazir

You can now return to the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and report to Nazir what you’ve done. If you plan on completing other contracts given by him, return to the assassins’ hideout only after you’ve completed them all. Nazir will reward you with gold.


1. What is “Side Contract: Kill Lurbuk”?

“Side Contract: Kill Lurbuk” is a quest in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. It involves killing an Orc named Lurbuk who is a bard at the Bards College in Solitude. The quest is given by a man named Noster Eagle-Eye who can be found in the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold. Completing this quest will earn the player a reward and also advance their progress in the Thieves Guild questline.

2. Is it necessary to complete “Side Contract: Kill Lurbuk” in Skyrim?

No, it is not necessary to complete this quest in order to finish the game or any of the main questlines. It is a side quest that can be completed for additional rewards and experience. However, it may be necessary to complete this quest if the player wants to advance in the Thieves Guild questline as it is one of the required quests.

3. What are the rewards for completing “Side Contract: Kill Lurbuk”?

The reward for completing this quest is a leveled amount of gold. The amount of gold given as a reward will vary depending on the player’s level at the time of completion. In addition, completing this quest will also advance the player’s progress in the Thieves Guild questline and earn them the approval of the Thieves Guild members.

4. Is it possible to complete “Side Contract: Kill Lurbuk” without killing him?

No, it is not possible to complete this quest without killing Lurbuk. The objective of the quest is to assassinate him and there is no alternative way to complete it. However, the player can choose to use stealth and sneak up on Lurbuk to avoid alerting other NPCs in the area.

5. What are some tips for completing “Side Contract: Kill Lurbuk”?

Some tips for completing this quest include using stealth to avoid detection, bringing along a follower or summoning a creature to distract other NPCs in the area, and using ranged attacks to take out Lurbuk from a distance. It is also important to be aware of the surroundings and plan an escape route in case the player is detected and needs to flee. Additionally, the player can use magic or potions to enhance their combat abilities and increase their chances of success.

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