Side quests at Skyhold | Quest inventory

Here is a compilation of all the side quests that you can include in your journal during your stay at Skyhold.

Enhance the Courtyard

Upgrade the Tower

Advanced Creation

Inquisition Garb

Rune Creation

Scattered about Skyhold

Hold Court

Greenify the Garden

Welcome to Skyhold


What are side quests in Skyhold?

Side quests in Skyhold are additional missions that players can undertake while playing the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. These quests are not necessary to complete the main story, but they can provide additional rewards and content to the player. Side quests in Skyhold can involve a variety of activities, including combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. They can also feature unique characters and storylines that add depth and complexity to the game world.

How do I access side quests in Skyhold?

To access side quests in Skyhold, players must first complete certain main story missions and reach a certain point in the game. Once they have done so, they can visit various locations in Skyhold to find side quests, such as the War Table or the various merchants and advisors around the keep. Some side quests may also be triggered by events or conversations with other characters in the game.

What are some examples of side quests in Skyhold?

There are many different side quests available in Skyhold, each with its own unique story, characters, and objectives. Some examples include “The Trouble with Darkspawn,” where players must investigate a mysterious illness affecting the soldiers stationed in Skyhold, “The Lone Warden,” where players help a lone Warden track down a dangerous enemy, and “The Forgotten Boy,” where players must rescue a young boy from a group of bandits. Other side quests in Skyhold may involve exploring ancient ruins, solving puzzles, or battling powerful enemies.

Are side quests in Skyhold worth doing?

While side quests in Skyhold are not necessary to complete the main story, they can provide a lot of additional content and rewards for players who are interested in exploring the game world further. Side quests can also help players level up their characters and acquire new equipment and abilities. Additionally, many side quests in Skyhold feature unique characters and storylines that add depth and complexity to the game world. For players who enjoy exploring and experiencing all that a game has to offer, side quests in Skyhold can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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