Side Quests in The Storm Coast

Here is a complete list of side quests that you can record in your journal while exploring The Storm Coast.

A Glowing Key

Antivenom Requisition on the Coast

Cleaning House

Holding the Storm Coast

Iron Survey on the Coast

Keeping the Darkspawn Down

Landmarks in the Storm Coast

Red Water

Regions in the Storm Coast

Rift at the Falls

Rifts on the Coast

Salvage Requisition on the Coast

Vigilance on the Coast

Wardens on the Coast


What are side quests in The Storm Coast?

Side quests in The Storm Coast are additional tasks that players can complete to earn rewards and advance the storyline. These quests are not essential to the main story, but they provide additional content and challenges for players who want to explore the game world in more detail. The side quests in The Storm Coast involve a variety of activities, such as exploring new areas, fighting enemies, and collecting items. Some side quests may also involve making choices that affect the outcome of the quest or the overall storyline.

How many side quests are there in The Storm Coast?

There are several side quests that players can complete in The Storm Coast. The exact number of side quests may vary depending on the player’s choices and progress in the game. Some side quests may only be available after completing certain main quests or meeting certain requirements. Players can access the list of side quests in The Storm Coast by opening the quest menu and selecting the “Side Quests” tab. Once a side quest is selected, players can view the quest objectives and track their progress.

What rewards can players earn from completing side quests in The Storm Coast?

Players can earn a variety of rewards from completing side quests in The Storm Coast. These rewards may include experience points, gold, items, and new abilities. Some side quests may also unlock new areas or characters that can be accessed later in the game. Additionally, completing side quests can help players build their reputation and gain favor with certain factions or characters. Overall, completing side quests in The Storm Coast can provide players with valuable resources and help them progress through the game more effectively.

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