Side quests – The Hinterlands | Quest list

Here is a comprehensive list of all the side quests that can be added to your journal while exploring The Hinterlands.

A Common Treatment

A Rare Treatment

A Spirit in the Lake

Agrarian Apostate

An Advanced Treatment

Apostates in Witchforest

Astariums in Hinterlands

Bergrit’s Claws

Blood Brothers

Business Arrangements

Conscientious Objector

Deep Trouble

East Road Bandits

Failure to Deliver

Farmland Security

Flowers for Senna

Healing Hand

Hinterland Who’s Who

Hinterlands Geological Survey

Holding the Hinterlands

Horses for Inquisition

Hunger Pangs

In the Elements

In the Saddle

Landmarks in the Hinterlands

Letter from a Lover

Love Waits

Map of Farmland Cave

Map to Waterfall

Master of Horses

My Lover’s Phylactery

Open a Vein

Playing with Fire

Praise the Herald of Andraste

Regions in the Hinterlands

Return Policy

Rifts at Dwarfson’s Pass

Rifts in the Woods

Rifts on the Farm

Rifts On The Outskirts

Safeguard Against Looters

Shallow Breaths

Sketch of Calenhad’s Foothold

Stone Dreams

Strange Bedfellows

Templars to the West

The Ballad of Lord Woolsley

The Mercenary Fortress

The Vault of Valmmar

Trouble with Wolves

Where the Druffalo Roam


1. What are side quests in The Hinterlands?

Side quests in The Hinterlands are additional tasks that players can complete while exploring the area. These quests are separate from the main storyline and offer unique rewards such as experience points, gold, and items. Players can find side quests by speaking with NPCs, exploring the environment, and discovering hidden areas.

2. How many side quests are there in The Hinterlands?

There are a total of 18 side quests in The Hinterlands. These quests range from helping farmers with their crops to investigating a missing person’s case. Some side quests are unlocked through completing other side quests, while others are available from the start.

3. Can I complete all side quests in one playthrough?

Yes, players can complete all side quests in The Hinterlands in one playthrough. However, some quests may require the player to be at a certain level or to have completed specific main quests before they become available. It’s recommended to explore the area thoroughly and speak with all NPCs to ensure all side quests are discovered.

4. What kind of rewards can I expect from completing side quests?

The rewards for completing side quests vary. Some quests offer experience points and gold, while others offer unique items such as weapons or armor. Completing all side quests in The Hinterlands can also contribute to unlocking achievements and trophies.

5. Do I need to complete side quests to progress in the main storyline?

No, side quests are separate from the main storyline and are not required to progress. However, completing side quests can provide additional experience points, gold, and items that can aid in the main quest. Additionally, completing all side quests in an area can contribute to the overall completion percentage of the game.

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