Significant Characters and Locations in The Western Approach

Key Points of M19 The Western Approach – Significant Characters and Locations – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Significant Characters


Dragon Lairs

Campsites, Strongholds, Villages, and Cities

Fast Travel Points, Passageways to Dungeons, and Separate Locations


Other (Flags, Landmarks, etc.)

Other (Flags, Landmarks, etc.)

P – Landmark

Veil Amplifier – Artifact Inside the Cave

Fast Travel Points, Passageways to Dungeons, and Separate Locations

1 – Entrances/Exits from Caves.


1 – Merchant – The merchant appears after taking control of the stronghold. This character specializes in selling melee weapons, ranged weapons, staffs, shields, accessories, upgrades, and valuables.

Dragon Lairs

1 – Dragon Lair – The Abyssal High Dragon (Level 14) appears after completing quests for the alchemist.

The above map displays all significant characters and locations in The Western Approach. There aren’t too many characters, and almost all of them occupy the seized campsites (and the stronghold after capturing it). The most important regions are the Griffin Wing Keep, Still Ruins, and Coracavus. The last two are explored on separate maps, and they are described later in this chapter.


What are the important locations in The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is a vast area in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are many important locations in this region, including the fortress of Adamant, the Sand Crags, and the Canyons. Adamant is a fortress that was once home to the Grey Wardens, and it is now overrun by demons. The Sand Crags is a desert area that is home to the dwarves of the Legion of the Dead. The Canyons are a network of canyons and caves that are home to the Avvar people.

Who are the important characters in The Western Approach?

There are several important characters in The Western Approach. The first is the Inquisitor, who is the player character. Other important characters include Hawke, who is a popular character from the Dragon Age series, and Stroud, who is a Grey Warden. The player will also encounter several important NPCs, including the dwarven leader of the Legion of the Dead, and the Avvar chieftain.

What is the story behind The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is a region that has been overrun by demons. The Inquisitor is tasked with investigating the situation and finding a way to stop the demon invasion. Along the way, the player will encounter various factions, including the dwarves of the Legion of the Dead and the Avvar people. The player will also have to navigate the treacherous politics of the region, including dealings with the Venatori and the Grey Wardens.

What are the challenges of exploring The Western Approach?

Exploring The Western Approach can be challenging for several reasons. The first is the sheer size of the region, which can be overwhelming for some players. The region is also infested with demons, which can make travel difficult. Additionally, the politics of the region can be tricky to navigate, and the player will need to make careful choices to avoid making enemies. Finally, there are several powerful enemies in the region, including dragons and high-level demons, which can be difficult to defeat without careful planning.

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