Significant People and Places | The Frostback Basin


Helsdim пїЅ This vendor sells decorations for your Skyhold.

Fast Travel Points, Dungeon Passages, and Separate Locations

F пїЅ Fast travel point.

C пїЅ Entrances/exits from caves.

1 – Location exit

2 – Entrance to The Old Temple

The map of the Frostback Basin highlights vital locations, essential characters, and tradespeople. It also displays all rifts, with difficulty levels indicated. Most of the essential characters can be found in the Stone-Bear Hold, also known as the Avvar village. This tribe inhabits the location, and there are numerous caves to explore, some of which are inaccessible initially. However, these caves frequently contain the most valuable treasures.


1. Who are the important characters in The Frostback Basin?

The Frostback Basin is a location from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are several important characters that players will encounter in this area, including:

  • Scout Lace Harding: A member of the Inquisition who serves as a guide for the player in the Frostback Basin.
  • Avvar Chief Movran the Under: The leader of the Avvar tribe in the Frostback Basin. The player can interact with him to gain their support in the Inquisition’s war against Corypheus.
  • Stone-Bear Hold: A location in the Frostback Basin that is home to the Avvar people. The player can explore this area and interact with the Avvar inhabitants.

2. What are the important locations in The Frostback Basin?

The Frostback Basin is a large area with several important locations for players to explore. Some of the most significant locations include:

  • Stone-Bear Hold: As mentioned before, this is the main location where the Avvar people live. The player can interact with the inhabitants and gain their support in the Inquisition’s war.
  • Old Temple: A ruined temple that the player can explore. This location is tied to a side quest in which the player must find an artifact for the Avvar people.
  • The Cradle of Sulevin: An ancient elven temple that the player can explore. This location is tied to a main quest in which the player must stop Corypheus from acquiring a powerful artifact.

3. How do the important characters and locations in The Frostback Basin fit into the larger story of Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The Frostback Basin is just one of many locations that the player can explore in Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, it is an important location because it is tied to several quests that are essential to the main story. The Avvar people and their support are crucial to the Inquisition’s war against Corypheus, and the artifacts that the player can find in the Old Temple and the Cradle of Sulevin are important tools in the fight against him. Additionally, the characters in the Frostback Basin, such as Scout Lace Harding, provide the player with valuable information and guidance throughout their journey.

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