Silenced Tongues | Side Quest Walkthrough

This page of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides a detailed walkthrough for the Silenced Tongues side quest. You will need to venture into the Tomb of Volunruud, which is home to valuable treasures. However, you will have to battle multiple monsters along the way, including a mini-boss named Kvenel.

  • How to Activate the Quest
  • New Objective: Locate The Ceremonial Weapons
  • New Objective: Open the Elder’s Cairn
  • New Objective: Defeat Kvenel

How to Activate the Quest

To activate the quest, open the world map and head to Volunruud, which is located in the middle of Skyrim (as shown in the screenshot above). If you haven’t discovered it yet (it’s related to the Dark Brotherhood quests), begin at Whiterun and head north.

Map Markings: 1 – Starting Point (Tomb Entrance); 2 – Quest Activation and Passage to the Elder’s Cairn; 3 – Ceremonial Axe; 4 – Ceremonial Sword.

The quest does not activate automatically, so you will need to activate it manually. After reaching the destination, head inside and go north, crossing the big room serving as a hub, which you will return to multiple times. To activate the quest, you need to reach the locked door seen in the screenshot above. Trying to open it will activate the quest. However, you can also head to the door after finding the ceremonial weapons, but you won’t be able to use the in-game markings that way.

New Objective: Locate The Ceremonial Weapons

You need to find two weapons. Start by returning to the southern room. You can collect them in any order you like, but to maintain order, we recommend starting with the corridor going north-west. Fight the Draugrs, and then proceed to the room where a Draugr Scourge is sitting on a throne (as shown in the screenshot above). Defeat the mini-boss and other undead, and then take the Ceremonial Axe from the wall above the throne.

Return to the main southern room and choose the corridor going north-east this time. Once again, you will have to fight some Draugrs. Cross the bigger room and reach the upper balconies. After reaching the skull altar, turn right and proceed to the northernmost room. The Ceremonial Sword is located inside an open sarcophagus (as shown in the screenshot above).

New Objective: Open the Elder’s Cairn

New Objective: Defeat Kvenel

Return to the main room for the last time and head north towards the locked door that started the quest. Interact with the door to place the ceremonial weapons in the corresponding slots (as shown in the screenshot above). Afterward, open the door to the Elder’s Cairn and continue exploring.

To progress in the game, head north and defeat the weaker Draugrs along the way. Then turn east and save your progress as you will be facing a boss, Kvenel the Tongue. Kvenel is a skilled warrior, so it’s best to keep your distance and use your preferred weapons and spells. Ignore his transformations and don’t worry about the magical creatures he summons, as they will perish with him. However, be cautious of the Draugrs and focus on killing them. The toughest one to defeat will be the Draugr Scourge. Keep battling until you defeat Kvenel and search his body for two powerful weapons, Okin and Eduj, which deal ice damage and allow you to drain your enemies’ health and stamina. It’s possible that one of the weapons will be destroyed as Kvenel dies, so be prepared to deal with this or reload a save and try again. Before leaving the area, make sure to search for a treasure chest and a Word Wall which will teach you the Word of Power – Seek, Aura Whisper.


1. What is Silenced Tongues, and how do I start the side quest?

Silenced Tongues is a side quest in Skyrim where the player must investigate the disappearance of a woman named Friga Shatter-Shield. To start the quest, the player must speak to Friga’s father, who can be found in Windhelm. He will ask the player to find his daughter, who has not been seen for several days.

2. Where can I find clues about Friga Shatter-Shield’s disappearance?

The player can find several clues about Friga’s disappearance by searching her room in the Shatter-Shield house. There are several notes and letters that can be found, which hint at a possible connection to the Dark Brotherhood. The player can also speak to various NPCs in Windhelm, who may have information about Friga’s whereabouts.

3. What is the reward for completing the Silenced Tongues quest?

Upon completing the Silenced Tongues quest, the player will receive a sum of gold as a reward. The amount of gold varies depending on the player’s level, but it is typically around 500 gold. The player will also receive a boost to their Speech skill.

4. Can I complete the Silenced Tongues quest if I am not a member of the Dark Brotherhood?

Yes, the Silenced Tongues quest can be completed even if the player is not a member of the Dark Brotherhood. However, it may be more difficult to complete the quest without the aid of the Dark Brotherhood’s resources and skills.

5. What are some tips for completing the Silenced Tongues quest?

Some tips for completing the Silenced Tongues quest include: talking to as many NPCs in Windhelm as possible, searching Friga’s room thoroughly for clues, and using stealth and sneak attacks to defeat any enemies encountered during the quest. It may also be helpful to have a high Speech skill and to join the Dark Brotherhood, as this will provide additional resources and skills that can aid in completing the quest.

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