Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation (mission 3) – walkthrough

To complete mission 3 (Spy Academy) in Sniper Elite 5, you need to escape from the island. Our guide provides a walkthrough with the best evacuation route.

After completing the objective of gathering intel on Operation Kraken, the final objective is to exfiltrate the area. Our guide will help you successfully evacuate by getting to a boat used for evacuation and avoiding or taking care of snipers stationed in the northern part of the map.

  • Requirements for this objective:
  • Escape the island

Requirements for this objective

To exfiltrate the area (the final objective of the mission), you need to complete all main objectives. Our guide has separate sections for these tasks, but here is a brief summary:

  1. Discovering the location of the meeting – gather information about the planned officers’ meeting in the central part of the mission zone.
  2. Eavesdropping on the meeting and getting intel on Operation Kraken – obtain documents from the top of the monastery tower. You can also eavesdrop on the meeting.

There are also side tasks available (with separate sections in our guide):

  1. Stop the spy training – locate and kill the instructor responsible for training the spies.
  2. Kill challenge – Fabian Richter – Richter is one of the officers taking part in the meeting (main objective), so completing both objectives is possible.

In addition to completing main and side objectives, you can search for collectibles and secrets.

Escape the island

If you want to leave the map only after completing side activities, use the path next to the monastery courtyard (northeast of the map).

If you want to exfiltrate immediately after collecting intel on Operation Kraken, use the ladder shown in the screenshot. This will allow you to continue climbing the large tower. Ultimately, you’ll reach two places where you can slide down ropes (example in screenshot 2) to quickly reach the walls surrounding the courtyard.

You can optionally go through the Spy Masters Office (pictured above) as it neighbors the aforementioned walls. There is a key to the basement in one of the rooms, which will allow you to access an alternative path leading through several ladders down. Along the way, you’ll encounter a sniper and you can eliminate him discreetly.

Regardless of the chosen path, there are many snipers in the northern part of the map. They are placed on small islands with observation towers.

Take your time getting to the evacuation zone. We recommend setting up on one of the upper paths to locate the next snipers and eliminate them with long-range shots. If your weapon doesn’t have a good silencer, deal with the soldiers in the area first so that they won’t be alerted by the shots. You can also rely on masking the shots by firing at a moment when planes fly overhead.

The ultimate goal is to reach the northernmost island, where you’ll need to walk in shallow water towards a small marina with a boat as shown in the screenshot above. Once there, interacting with the boat will enable you to successfully escape the island and complete the mission.


What is Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation?

Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation is a video game that belongs to the Sniper Elite series. In this game, the player takes on the role of a sniper who is tasked with completing various missions in World War II. The game is set in Italy in 1943, and the player must use their skills to take out enemy soldiers and complete objectives. Mission 3 is one of the many missions in the game, and it involves the player infiltrating an enemy base to retrieve some important documents.

What is the objective of mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation?

The objective of mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation is to infiltrate an enemy base and retrieve some important documents. The player must use their skills as a sniper to take out enemy soldiers and avoid being detected. The mission takes place at night, which makes it more challenging as the player must use their night vision and stealth abilities to complete the mission. Once the player retrieves the documents, they must make their way out of the base without being caught by the enemy soldiers.

What are some tips for completing mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation?

Here are some tips for completing mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5: Evacuation:

  • Use your binoculars to tag enemy soldiers before taking them out.
  • Take out enemy soldiers silently to avoid raising the alarm.
  • Use your night vision to navigate the base in the dark.
  • Look for alternative routes to avoid heavily guarded areas.
  • Be patient and take your time to avoid making mistakes.
  • Use distractions such as throwing rocks to lure enemy soldiers away from your path.
  • Make use of your traps and explosives to take out groups of enemy soldiers.
  • Once you have the documents, try to make your way out of the base quickly to avoid detection.

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