Sniper Elite 5: How to Eavesdrop on the Meeting and Get Intel on Kraken (Mission 3) – Walkthrough

The main objective of Mission 3 (Spy Academy) in Sniper Elite 5 is to eavesdrop on a meeting of officers in a monastery. Our walkthrough guide will show you how to accomplish this without being detected.

  • Getting to the Monastery
  • Eavesdropping on the Kraken Meeting

Getting to the Monastery

To learn about the planned officers’ meeting, you need to infiltrate the island and determine the meeting place. Once you know that the meeting will take place in the main building of the monastery on one of its top floors, you can start your mission.

The tallest building on the map is the monastery, but it’s not possible to climb it from the cliff side. You can take the main road leading up the hill, starting from the checkpoint. Alternatively, you can look for the path that begins at the back of the smaller church in the eastern part of the map. This path allows you to avoid some of the enemies that patrol the main road up the hill.

Eavesdropping on the Kraken Meeting

There are several entrances to the main building of the monastery, but all of them are well-guarded. We recommend choosing a path from the east, where you can find an armory. The key to it is carried by an officer found in one of the buildings north of it. Alternatively, you can blow up the armory door with an explosive, but this may start an alert.

Once you’re inside the armory, look for supplies and locate the pathway leading to the main building of the monastery. Using it will allow you to avoid guards that are posted at each entrance and those on the lowest floor of the monastery.

The walkthrough guide provides a detailed explanation of how to get to the monastery, locate the meeting point, get to the top of the building without being noticed, eavesdrop on the officers’ conversation, and obtain data on Operation Kraken.

To successfully complete the mission, it is important to remain undetected. Even if you are spotted, you can still obtain the necessary documents. However, this may prevent you from completing an optional challenge involving Fabian Richter. To climb the stairs to reach the upper floors, use your radar and take out enemies one by one while hiding their bodies. Use either takedowns or a silenced weapon. Once you reach your destination, you may find that the officers’ meeting room is closed. To enter, you’ll need to obtain the key from an officer on the same floor. Be cautious if the outpost is on alert, as entering the meeting room may result in an attack. If you remain undetected, you can eavesdrop on the officers’ conversation and later have the opportunity to kill Fabian Richter. Your main objective is to gather intel on Operation Kraken, which can be found on a table in the meeting room. Clear the area of enemies or wait until the officers leave the room before retrieving the intel.


1. What is the objective of mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5?

The objective of mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5 is to eavesdrop on a meeting and gather intel on Kraken, the leader of a dangerous organization. The mission takes place in a heavily guarded area, and the player must use stealth and tactical skills to avoid detection and complete the objective.

2. How do I approach the meeting location without being detected?

The meeting location in mission 3 is heavily guarded, so it is important to approach cautiously and avoid detection. The player can use the environment to their advantage, such as hiding behind cover and using distractions to divert the guards’ attention. It is also recommended to use a silenced weapon to take out any guards that may pose a threat to the player’s stealth approach.

3. What equipment should I bring for mission 3?

For mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5, it is recommended to bring a silenced weapon, such as a pistol or sniper rifle, to avoid alerting guards. In addition, a satchel charge can be useful for taking out groups of enemies at once. It is also important to bring medkits and grenades for emergencies.

4. How do I eavesdrop on the meeting?

To eavesdrop on the meeting in mission 3, the player must locate a nearby building with a clear view of the meeting location. Once inside, the player can use their binoculars to zoom in and listen to the conversation. It is important to remain undetected, as any noise or movement can alert the guards and compromise the mission.

5. What is the best approach for escaping the area after completing the objective?

The best approach for escaping the area after completing the objective in mission 3 is to use the same route that the player used to approach the meeting location. It is important to remain stealthy and avoid any guards that may have been alerted during the mission. In addition, it may be helpful to set up traps or distractions to slow down pursuing enemies.

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