Sniper Elite 5: Infiltrating the Chateau and Finding Moller’s Office (Mission 2) – Walkthrough

At the start of mission 2 (Occupied Residence) of Sniper Elite 5, you must infiltrate a chateau and locate Moller’s office. Our guide provides a walkthrough that shows you how to reach the chateau.

The first part of mission 2 (Occupied Residence) in Sniper Elite 5 requires you to enter the chateau to find Moller’s office. Our guide’s walkthrough explains the three paths available to reach the mansion, how to infiltrate it without being detected, and how to locate the mission objective inside the chateau.

  • Reaching the Vicinity of the Chateau
  • Infiltrating the Chateau
  • Finding Moller’s Office

Reaching the Vicinity of the Chateau

As soon as mission 2 begins, listen to the conversation in the rebel camp. The mission objective of finding Moller’s office will be given to you, but first, you must infiltrate the chateau, which is the largest building on the map. There are three main paths leading to the northern part of the map:

  1. The left path (point 1 on our map) requires crossing the bridge over the river.
  2. The middle path (point 2 on our map) involves using the main road with an enemy outpost on it.
  3. The path on the right (point 3 on our map) involves crossing the river in the forest.

More details on each of these paths are provided below.

The left path is one of the two recommended paths (the other being the right path). It leads towards the church tower that stands out from the surrounding area. Once you reach it, you can start climbing the tower and eliminate two enemies from one of the higher floors.

Sabotaging the generator from picture 2 can help you mask the gunshots, but you must only shoot when the sound wave is visible, which symbolizes the active loud area. This can be used to eliminate some nearby enemies (including those northwest of the farm).

The bridge over the river is guarded by several soldiers (including at least one on the observation tower) and a machine gun operator. You should be able to eliminate all of these enemies from a greater distance. Sabotaging a truck at the aforementioned western farm will create a loud area to mask the shots.

Crossing the bridge will bring you closer to the asphalt road that separates the southern part of the map from the chateau areas in the north.

We strongly advise against taking the middle path, which leads to a highly guarded outpost that is difficult to bypass. Even if you manage to eliminate a few enemies guarding this passage from a distance, you may alert enemies from around the chateau and the vehicles’ crews traveling around the map.

The right path is the best option, as it leads to a perfect passage to the chateau that will allow you to avoid most of the enemies. Shortly after selecting it, you will approach the farm. You can eliminate the enemies visible in the area from afar or start killing them after you get closer.

The farm has a generator that can be sabotaged in the attic of the main building. This will create noise and allow you to attack enemies from the riverbed without being detected. Be sure to fire only when the sound wave is visible. The second farm has an armory with weapons, ammunition, and a workbench. You can also find a key to the old tunnels here. When approaching the chateau, be cautious of vehicles on the main roads. It’s advisable to hide in tall grass and let them pass. You can infiltrate the chateau from multiple sides and floors, but it’s recommended to use the old tunnels located southeast of the building. To gain access to the tunnels, either use an explosive or get the key from the eastern farm. Once you reach the moat, there are two paths to choose from.

To enter the basement, go through the entrance shown in picture 1. Once inside, defeat the enemies and you’ll find a workbench with valuable rifle upgrades that can unlock silencers. The basement also has passages leading to higher floors of the chateau. Climbing the vines on the outer walls, as demonstrated in picture 2, is another option for entry. Avoid taking the main south bridge as it is heavily guarded. Instead, approach from the east or west, but be aware that enemies can spot you from a distance. The sniper in the northern building is particularly dangerous, so it’s best to sneak inside and take them down from above. Moller’s office is on the middle floor of the western part of the chateau, which can be reached via the main staircases in the eastern or northern parts of the building. Watch out for Jagers, elite opponents with better equipment and increased durability. Use takedowns to defeat them.


1. What is the objective of mission 2 in Sniper Elite 5?

In mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5, you must infiltrate a chateau and find the office of a man named Moller. He is a high-ranking Nazi officer, and you must gather intelligence on his plans in order to help the Allied forces.

2. How do I get into the chateau?

There are multiple ways to enter the chateau in mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5. One option is to climb up a nearby hill and enter through a window on the second floor. Another option is to sneak through the front gate and take out any guards in your way.

3. How do I locate Moller’s office?

Moller’s office is located on the third floor of the chateau. You will need to sneak past guards and use stealth to avoid being detected. Once you reach the third floor, look for a room with a map on the wall. Moller’s office is located just next to that room.

4. What weapons should I use in mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5?

It is recommended to use a silenced pistol or sniper rifle in mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5, as stealth is key to successfully completing the mission. However, it is also helpful to have a secondary weapon with a larger magazine in case you need to engage in a firefight.

5. Are there any optional objectives in mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, there are several optional objectives in mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5. One is to destroy a nearby enemy radio tower to prevent reinforcements from arriving. Another is to collect intelligence documents scattered throughout the chateau. Completing these objectives will provide additional benefits in the game.

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