Sniper Elite 5: Infiltrating the Dome (mission 7) – walkthrough

For mission 7 (Secret Weapons) of Sniper Elite 5, the Dome is the main location. Our guide provides instructions on how to reach the Dome and where to find the war room and the Kraken plans.

The primary objective of the seventh mission in Sniper Elite 5 is to infiltrate the Dome located in the northern part of the map. Our guide offers a walkthrough on how to infiltrate the Dome using three different ways, and how to acquire the Kraken plans from the war room.

  • Reaching the Dome
  • Investigating Operation Kraken

Reaching the Dome

The Dome is the largest building in the mission, situated in the northern part of the map. There are various ways to gain entry.

The most apparent way is through the main entrance located to the south of the Dome, where the road leads. The entrance is heavily guarded, and there is a sniper on a tower close by.

Another entryway is located to the east of the Dome. You can reach it by using the upper exit in the adjacent Weapons Lab. There is also a Master Dome Key inside the building. You can also use an explosive to destroy the door.

The second alternate entrance is the most challenging to locate. It requires you to go through the V2 refueling station, which is the subterranean complex south of the Dome. Inside the station, there is a long, spiral staircase that leads to a door that takes you to the Dome. You can take the key from one of the enemies or demolish the door.

Investigating Operation Kraken

The Dome is vast and has several floors. It is recommended to use stealth takedowns and silenced weapons to avoid alerting the entire area.

Use your binoculars to locate an elite sniper in the vicinity. You can either sneak past him or, as recommended, take him out quietly.

You do not need to explore the entire building. You can complete the mission objective by finding the war room in the northwestern part of the Dome, on the upper floor, as shown above.

You will find the Kraken plans in the war room – examine them to trigger a cutscene and complete the objective.


1. What is Sniper Elite 5: Infiltrating the Dome?

Sniper Elite 5: Infiltrating the Dome is the seventh mission of the Sniper Elite 5 game. It’s a stealth game where players must infiltrate a heavily guarded Nazi facility in order to retrieve valuable intel. The mission takes place in a snowy environment, making it more challenging for players to remain undetected. Players must use their sniper skills to eliminate enemy targets, as well as navigate through the facility without being seen.

2. What are the objectives of the mission?

The main objective of the mission is to retrieve a set of blueprints that detail the location of a secret Nazi facility. In addition, players must eliminate a certain number of enemy targets and remain undetected throughout the mission. There are also optional objectives that players can complete in order to earn bonus points, such as destroying enemy equipment or taking out a high-ranking officer.

3. What are some tips for completing the mission?

One important tip is to remain patient and take your time. The mission is quite long, and rushing through it can result in detection and failure. Players should also make use of their environment, such as hiding behind cover and using distractions to lure enemies away. It’s also important to use the terrain to your advantage, such as taking out enemies from higher ground. Finally, players should make sure to bring the appropriate equipment, such as silenced weapons and medkits.

4. What are the consequences of being detected?

If players are detected, enemy reinforcements will be called in, making the mission much more difficult. Additionally, the player’s score will be negatively impacted, as remaining undetected is an important objective of the mission. In some cases, being detected can also result in failure, depending on the specific objectives.

5. How long does it take to complete the mission?

The length of time it takes to complete the mission depends on the player’s skill level and approach. On average, the mission can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete. However, players who are more experienced and take a more stealthy approach may be able to complete it more quickly.

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