Sniper Elite 5: Mission 3 Walkthrough – Infiltrating the Island and Locating the Meeting Place

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the first part of mission 3 (Spy Academy) in Sniper Elite 5, which involves infiltrating the island and discovering the location of the high-ranking German officers’ meeting.

Once you enter the mission 3 map (Spy Academy), your objective is to infiltrate the island and reach the buildings where the meeting is taking place. Our guide outlines the necessary steps and provides tips for eliminating the first snipers on the map.

  • Getting to the main part of the island
  • Locating the meeting place

Getting to the main part of the island

You begin the mission at the southern end of the map and must make your way to the northern island (where the monastery is located) before tackling the main objective.

When the mission begins, you’ll come across a viewpoint in the picture. Use this to your advantage and eliminate nearby enemies without being detected, taking advantage of the planes flying overhead to mask the sound of your shots.

Eliminate as many enemies as possible from the beach and the buildings below, paying special attention to the snipers on distant rooftops. Scan the area carefully with binoculars to avoid missing any snipers, which can be problematic later on.

Once the area is clear, proceed towards the island. You can travel in the open if you’re confident, but it’s safer to stay hidden behind bridge supports and large obstacles.

Once you reach the lower part of the town, avoid the right path as it contains a minefield with warning signs and is very dangerous. Instead, make your way towards the upper buildings around the monastery or the left side of the area.

Locating the meeting place

Note that it’s theoretically possible to advance in the mission without obtaining hints about the meeting place. If you’re having trouble finding these hints, you can proceed directly to the meeting point described in the next page of the guide, and the mission will progress as usual.

You’ll need to conduct a small investigation to discover the details of the officers’ planned meeting and the location. There are three main ways to gain this information.

There are three ways to learn the location of the meeting in the western part of the map. The first option involves checking the parking lot near the winding road, where you can find several vehicles. However, it’s important to avoid alerting the enemies in the area by silently eliminating them. By eavesdropping on the soldiers’ conversations, you can learn the planned meeting place.

The second option is to search for Richter’s package, which can be marked with an eye icon. The package can be found in the lower town after crossing the beach. By examining the document found in the area, you can learn that the next hint is in one of the enemy outposts. To obtain the delivery plan near the outpost, you need to reach the checkpoint in the middle of the map where the road forks. The plan can be found in the building next to the checkpoint.

The third option is to find Bruhl, one of the officers invited to the meeting. To do this, you need to reach the church from the eastern part of the map. You can enter the church by walking through one of the shutters. From there, locate the stairs leading to the church tower where you can find Bruhl and a sniper. After eliminating them, examine Bruhl’s corpse to find a letter with information about the meeting’s location.

It’s important to note that killing Bruhl will not affect the main objective of the mission. The meeting can still take place without him.


1. What is the objective of mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5?

The objective of mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5 is to infiltrate the island and determine the meeting place of the enemy. The player is tasked with sneaking past enemy guards, avoiding traps and obstacles, and gathering intel to locate the meeting place. The mission is set in a dense jungle, which adds to the challenge of completing the objective without being detected.

2. What weapons are recommended for mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5?

For mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5, it is recommended to use a sniper rifle, a silenced pistol, and a knife. The sniper rifle is useful for taking out enemies from a distance without alerting nearby guards. The silenced pistol is handy for close-range encounters where stealth is necessary. The knife is ideal for taking out enemies quietly and disposing of bodies without alerting other guards.

3. How do I avoid triggering traps in mission 3 of Sniper Elite 5?

To avoid triggering traps in mission 3 of Sniper Elite 5, it is important to carefully observe the environment and look for signs of traps such as tripwires or pressure plates. Additionally, using binoculars can help detect traps from a distance. It is also recommended to crouch or crawl while moving through areas that may contain traps to reduce the chances of triggering them.

4. What is the best approach for completing mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5?

The best approach for completing mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5 is to take a stealthy approach and avoid direct confrontation with enemy guards. It is important to move slowly and quietly, using cover and the environment to remain undetected. Gathering intel by eavesdropping on enemy conversations and searching for documents can help locate the meeting place and complete the objective without alerting the enemy.

5. Are there any collectibles or hidden items in mission 3 of Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, there are collectibles and hidden items in mission 3 of Sniper Elite 5. These include documents, sniper nests, and weapon upgrades. It is recommended to explore the environment thoroughly and use binoculars to locate these items. Collecting these items can provide additional intel and improve the player’s weapons, making it easier to complete the mission and progress through the game.

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