Sniper Elite 5: Mission 7 Kill List Target, Christian Jungers – walkthrough

This guide will help you find and assassinate Christian Jungers, the kill list target in Mission 7 (Secret Weapons) of Sniper Elite 5. You will learn how to drop a V2 rocket on him to complete an optional challenge.

Our walkthrough will show you how to locate Christian Jungers, the kill list target in Mission 7 (Secret Weapons) of Sniper Elite 5. We will also guide you on how to complete the optional challenge of dropping a V2 missile on him.

  • Finding the kill list target’s location
  • Dropping a V2 rocket on Christian Jungers

Finding the kill list target’s location

You won’t know where Christian Jungers is at the start of the mission.

To find him, you need to obtain Dr. Jungers’ Schedule. You can find one of these documents at the train station in the south-eastern part of the map, which is also an optional mission objective for acquiring shipment intel.

Getting the document is optional, as Christian Jungers will be in the Weapons Lab in the northeastern part of the map regardless of whether you have it or not. With our guide, you can go straight to his location. There is an optional challenge to eliminate him, which will reward you with a bonus weapon (RSC 1918).

Dropping a V2 rocket on Christian Jungers

Stay stealthy while approaching the target to avoid alerting the enemies in the building or Christian Jungers himself.

The best way to access the laboratory is from the east. Watch out for a tank being tested on the eastern hill and a sniper on the northern hill. Avoid open spaces and take down lone guards if necessary.

Once inside the building, take the stairs on the right to reach the upper floor. Move west to locate Christian Jungers (pictured above). He will start his round of the lab.

Use the next set of stairs to reach the highest level and enter the hall with a hanging V2 rocket on the right. Take out the single jaeger in the area. You can also eliminate the scientists in the adjacent room and the other end of the main room using a silenced weapon while waiting for Christian Jungers.

To successfully assassinate Christian Jungers, aim at the hook shown in picture 1 and fire at it when he is under the rocket. The V2 rocket will detach and fall on Christian, killing him. This will cause chaos, so quickly retreat to the stairs or hide in the nearby control room.


1. What is the objective of Mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5?

The objective of Mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5 is to eliminate the target Christian Jungers, who is a high-ranking Nazi official. The mission takes place in a German town that is heavily guarded by enemy soldiers. The player must use their sniper skills to carefully navigate the environment and take out Jungers without raising the alarm. In addition to the main objective, there are also optional objectives such as destroying enemy equipment and collecting intelligence documents.

2. What weapons and gadgets are available for the player to use in Mission 7?

The player has access to a variety of weapons and gadgets in Mission 7 of Sniper Elite 5. The main weapon is a sniper rifle, which can be customized with different scopes and ammunition types. In addition to the sniper rifle, the player can also use pistols, submachine guns, and explosives. Gadgets such as trip mines, land mines, and grenades can be used to set traps for enemy soldiers. The player also has access to binoculars, which can be used to tag enemies and identify key targets.

3. What are some tips for successfully completing Mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5?

There are several tips that can help players successfully complete Mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5. First, it’s important to take a stealthy approach and avoid alerting enemy soldiers. Using silenced weapons and taking cover behind objects can help the player avoid detection. Second, it’s important to be patient and wait for the right moment to take out the target. Jungers is heavily guarded, so the player must wait for a moment when he is isolated from his guards. Finally, it’s important to complete the optional objectives to earn additional experience points and equipment upgrades. Destroying enemy equipment and collecting intelligence documents can also provide valuable information for future missions.

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