Sniper Elite 5: Mission 7 Walkthrough – Bypassing Outposts

There are two enemy outposts standing in the way of completing mission 7 (Secret Weapons) in Sniper Elite 5. Our guide contains a walkthrough on how to access the northern part of the map and how to deal with the tanks.

As you begin mission 7, Secret Weapons, in Sniper Elite 5, you will be required to reach the northern part of the map where the main objectives are located. Our walkthrough will inform you of the different threats present at the checkpoints and alternative routes to the north.

  • Southern checkpoint
  • Eastern checkpoint
  • Other ways to the north of the map

Southern checkpoint

The mission commences in the southern part of Massif Central, where only the side objectives exist. To complete the main objectives, you must travel to the northern part of the map, which can be achieved through several paths.

The southern outpost is heavily guarded. You can eliminate several enemies on the wall using long-distance shots.

The two tanks defending the area south of the outpost pose a significant problem. They are challenging to avoid due to the openness of the area and the presence of other patrolling vehicles on the main roads.

You can destroy the tanks using the Panzerfausts and explosives found in nearby trenches. While fighting the tanks, focus on attacking their rears – destroy the exhausts and aim for the weak spots in their armor (armor-piercing rounds will come in handy here as well).

Eastern checkpoint

The eastern checkpoint is not as heavily guarded as the southern one, but you still need to be cautious of the vehicles patrolling the main roads. There is also a sniper on a tower by the southern part of the wall (between the checkpoints).

If you decide to pass through this checkpoint, eliminate the soldiers directly next to it first. Then take down the guards on the walls and towers from a long distance (they are to the north and west of this checkpoint).

Other ways to the north of the map

There are easier routes to reach the other side without breaking through the checkpoints. Look for a pair of bolt cutters on the map. They will enable you to cut open the fence at several points between the wall fragments.

The first part you can cut open is next to the eastern checkpoint, on a small hill. This will allow you to sneak into the lab where the kill list target is, as well as other significant buildings. However, you must still be cautious of the tank and two snipers on the tower by the fence and the hill to the north.

You can also cut open the part between the checkpoints, beneath the sniper tower. If you choose to do so, we recommend taking down the sniper first from a distance.

The most secure method for crossing the wall is by using the western side. One can walk beneath the bridge (as shown in the picture above) and follow the path along the water until reaching an unguarded fence. This route will lead you directly to the western building where the V2 capsule test is taking place, along with other significant buildings.


What is the objective of mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5?

The objective of mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5 is to bypass the outposts and reach the enemy base undetected. The player must use stealth and tactical skills to avoid detection by the enemy soldiers guarding the outposts. This mission requires patience and careful planning as the player must navigate through a maze of obstacles and avoid triggering any alarms or alerts. The ultimate goal is to infiltrate the enemy base and complete the mission objectives without being detected or engaging in direct combat.

What are some tips for successfully completing mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5?

To successfully complete mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5, the player should use a silenced weapon and take out any guards silently and quickly. It is also important to use cover and avoid being seen by the enemy soldiers. The player should take advantage of the environment, such as hiding in bushes or behind walls, to stay hidden from the enemy. In addition, the player should be aware of their surroundings and use distractions, such as throwing rocks, to lure the enemy away from their path. Finally, patience and careful planning are key to completing this mission, so the player should take their time and plan their route before moving forward.

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