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New objective: Enter Labyrinthian

Leave the Hall of the Elements and check the world map. Your destination is the Labyrinthian, found in the central mountains of the map. Although Morthal seems like a good starting point, it’s better to begin at Whiterun as Labyrinthian can be accessed from the south. It’s recommended to improve your lightning resistance and mana regeneration rate with magical items before heading to the destination.

Approach the Labyrinthian from the south-east by finding a path in the valley, which eliminates the need for complicated climbing.

The stone constructions indicate that you’re heading in the right direction (north-west).

Beware of the two Ice Trolls in the Labyrinthian. Although you can avoid them, it’s better to eliminate them using fire spells. After clearing the area of monsters, head to the ceremonial door marked by the game and interact with it to enter the Labyrinthian.

New objective: Find the Staff of Magnus

Head slightly north and notice the ghosts in the area. Although you can’t interact with them, one of them will be Savos Aren. Wait for the first scene to end and look around for the Spell Book: Ironflesh.

Head to the northern door and follow the only tunnel. Save your game after reaching the lever and pull it. Approach the eastern room without entering and you’ll notice the Skeletons coming your way.

The Skeletons can be eliminated by staying beside the lever and pulling it at the right moment. This method allows you to attack single enemies from a distance without worrying about being surrounded by them. The gate won’t let arrows through and will stop spells cast by the enemies.

Eliminate the Skeletal Dragon in the same way as the Skeletons. You can head to the big cave, but it’s not necessary. It’s better to take care of all the enemies before entering the new room and pulling the lever on that side if your party member didn’t make it through to the new cave.

Explore the area and check out the dragon’s corpse, although you won’t get a Soul for defeating it. Witness another scene beside the plate and go through the door leading to the Labyrinthian Chasm.

Take a look around the first area and then select the southern corridor. Here, you will encounter a difficulty that will trouble you throughout the quest. Every time you hear the voice of the mage, who is also the last boss, your magic will be drained. I would not suggest using potions in such a case, but rather retreat to a safe spot and wait for it to regenerate while using equipment that speeds up the process. If your character is skilled in melee or ranged weapons, you can switch to them and continue fighting without retreating.

Eliminate the “sleeping” Restless Draugr and the Frost Spirit who will soon appear here (fire is the best method of defeating him). You should also search the room for the Spell Book: Flames. Afterward, stand in front of the frozen passage (screen above) and use any fire-based spell to unlock it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Flames, as you can also use, for example, the Firebolt (which can be found in Destruction).

You can now head west, reaching a larger cave where you will encounter more Draugrs. It is best to attack the undead from a distance, although at least one of them will be an archer. Go down. Exploring the southern corridor (screen above) is optional, but it is well worth the time. After reaching the door, destroy the runic trap from a distance, head inside and kill the last Draugr. Besides an Alchemy Station, you will also find a treasure chest and the Spell Book: Equilibrium.

Return to the main cave and start jumping down onto the lower platforms, ultimately heading west (screen above). Do not rush, as the mage will once again drain your magic. You can reach the door to the next location in two ways. One option is to go down the ramp and reach a flooded corridor.

The second option involves going into the western corridor after crossing the bridge (screen above). On your way, you will come across at least a couple of Draugrs, but there is also more treasure to be discovered. If you choose this path, turn right before reaching the flooded corridor, where you will find a corpse and multiple valuable treasures.


What is the Staff of Magnus?

The Staff of Magnus is a powerful magical artifact in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is said to have been created by Magnus, the god of magic, and can absorb and control magical energy. The staff is also associated with the College of Winterhold, as it was once wielded by the first Arch-Mage of the college. It is believed that the staff has the power to control the Eye of Magnus, a mysterious orb of energy that is also connected to the college.

How do you obtain the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

To obtain the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim, the player must complete the College of Winterhold questline. This involves completing various tasks and quests for the college, including investigating the disappearance of the Eye of Magnus. Eventually, the player will be tasked with retrieving the staff from the ruins of Labyrinthian, a dangerous dungeon filled with powerful enemies and traps. Once retrieved, the player must use the staff to enter the college’s inner sanctum and stop the Eye of Magnus from causing destruction. The staff is a powerful weapon in combat, and can also be used to absorb and control magical energy.

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