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Both routes lead to the flooded hallway. Ignore the mana drain and head north. You will come across no enemies for some time. Eventually, you will find a door leading to the Labyrinthian Thoroughfare (as shown in the screen above).

Explore the starting point and defeat a Skeleton and a Draugr. You can reach the next location in two ways – either through the right corridor or by opening the left gate (as shown in the screen above). It is advisable to choose the latter option as the gate has a weak lock and grants access to a chest with precious items.

If you go through the gate, you will have to jump down to the lower level upon reaching the new location. If you choose the right corridor, you will have to go down to the flooded room with a small waterfall. In both cases, you will eventually reach a corridor heading west (as shown in the screen above).

Upon reaching the new area, look for a chest and head north. Beware of a “normal” Troll that will attack you soon (as shown in the screen above). Like the Frost Trolls encountered earlier, this beast is best kept at a distance as it can only harm you in direct combat. Proceed to the appropriate cave and eliminate the Skeletons (at least two on both the left and right).

Exploring the optional western corridor, accessed via a long bridge, is purely your decision. However, if you choose to explore it, beware of new Trolls as you will reach their lair (as shown in the screen above). The only reward for defeating them is the chance to open a chest with uninteresting treasures.

To continue with the quest, head north-east (as shown in the screen above) and pull the lever to raise the bars. Use the stairs on the left to reach a chest with more interesting treasures. Proceed further north-east and reach a location with Wisps.

The Wisps will be initially neutral towards you, but it is advisable to eliminate them now so that they do not bother you later. Attack them with any spell and move away so that no others join them. After dealing with the Wisps, approach the Wispmother (as shown in the screen above). Be careful, as she can cause serious damage. Quickly get rid of her clones, the Shades. While attacking the Wispmother, do not move too far to the north-east as your magicka could be drained prematurely, making the fight unnecessarily harder.

After the battle, head north-east. Approaching the door (as shown in the screen above) will cause the hero to lose his magicka and a Fire Spirit to appear. Quickly change your spells to conventional weapons or regenerate your MP and use ice spells to eliminate the Spirit. Ice spells (such as Frostbite or Ice Spike from Destruction) will also unblock the further passage.

To progress through the Thoroughfare, start by opening the metal gate and defeating the Skeleton and Draugr Wight to witness a haunting scene with the ghosts of the dead Mages. From there, you can choose to either take the eastern passage or jump down by the waterfall via the hatch. Both routes will lead you to encounter Skeletons, Draugr Wights, and Spectral Dogs. If you opt for the eastern passage, make sure to collect the Spell Book: Steadfast Ward and to destroy the runic traps before proceeding. The second trap will launch a fireball at you, so use the Steadfast Ward or another protective spell to avoid getting hurt. After passing through the corridor, make your way to the northern corridor located to the right of the gems powering the flame ball trap. Your ultimate goal is to reach the door leading to the Labyrinthian, Tribune.


1. What is the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

The Staff of Magnus is a powerful magical artifact in the game Skyrim. It is a staff that is said to have been created by Magnus, one of the original gods who helped create the world. The staff has the ability to absorb and control magical energy, making it a highly sought-after item among mages and sorcerers in the game.

2. How do you get the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

To get the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim, you need to complete the quest “The Staff of Magnus,” which is given to you by Mirabelle Ervine at the College of Winterhold. The quest involves exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Labyrinthian and defeating the powerful mage Morokei, who holds the staff. Once you defeat him, you can take the staff and use it for yourself.

3. What are the powers of the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

The Staff of Magnus in Skyrim has several powerful abilities. Its primary power is the ability to absorb magical energy, which can be used to replenish your own magic reserves or to drain the magic of enemies. It also has the power to dispel magic, making it useful against powerful spells and enchantments. Finally, it can be used to create a powerful magical shield, which can protect you from attacks and spells.

4. Can you upgrade the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim. Once you have obtained it, the staff remains at the same power level throughout the game. However, it is still a highly useful item for mages and sorcerers due to its powerful abilities.

5. Who is Magnus in the lore of Skyrim?

In the lore of Skyrim, Magnus is one of the original gods who helped create the world. He is known as the god of magic and is credited with creating the laws of physics and magic that govern the universe. In the game, his presence is felt through the Staff of Magnus and other magical artifacts that bear his name.

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