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When entering the area, be cautious of the Draugr Wight and Steadfast Ward that are present. Avoid moving to the west during the fight, as it will cause another MP drain. Once you have won the battle, you can either break into the southern room to find enchanted items or head into the north-west corridor to reach the new door (as shown in the screen above).

Before opening the metal door, make sure to save your game. Once inside the next room, you will face a Draugr Deathlord (as seen in the screen above). It is recommended to keep your distance from this monster and prevent it from using its power too often. Once the battle is over, approach the Word Wall to learn the Word of Power – Sand, Slow Time.

Proceed to the west and prepare to face new monsters once you reach a long corridor. Your main target should be to eliminate the Draugr Scourge (as shown in the screen above) as quickly as possible, as it has the ability to use magic and summon a Frost Atronach for backup. Only after the Scourge has been dealt with should you focus on the other Draugrs and Skeletons.

Once the battles are finished, head to the western room and watch a new cinematic. Search the area and then head south to reach a big gate (as shown in the screen above). Open the gate and save your game, as you will now face the main boss of this quest – Morokei.

Interestingly, the boss will not initially target you, allowing you to plan your attack carefully. Note that he is surrounded by a barrier supported by two other mages. Ignore them for now and use the stairs to reach the highest level of the construction (as shown in the screen above). This decision will provide you with a better view of the area and reduce the risk of the boss suddenly approaching you during the battle.

Before the proper battle begins, take out both Enthralled Wizards (as shown in the screen above). It is best to eliminate them with one strong blow each to avoid having to fight them separately. Once the second mage is dead, the barrier around Morokei will disappear and the real fight will begin.

During the battle, be aware that the Boss will attack you with lightning on a regular basis (as shown in the screen above). It is recommended to constantly move, use protective spells to block the boss’ magical attacks, and take advantage of the fact that you are in a hard-to-reach place to avoid Morokei’s attacks when you are badly hurt.

Morokei may also summon an Atronach for help (as shown in the screen above), making the battle more challenging. If the boss still has a lot of health, focus on the Atronach first. Otherwise, ignore the summoned creature and concentrate on eliminating Morokei.

To defeat Morokei, you must continue fighting until his health is depleted. Once he is defeated, search his body to acquire the Staff of Magnus and his Mask. Afterward, return to Tolfdir, which is the new main objective. Head to the highest level of the building, search the southern part of the room for a path leading east, and search the two chests in the area for valuable artifacts. Open the eastern door and watch the final scene, then move the bolt and proceed to the next room. In this room, you will encounter Estromo, a Thalmor sent by Ancano. Fight him, using Unrelenting Force and any spell to defeat him. You can explore the area or head to the eastern corridor and interact with the second bolt to reach the surface. The College of Winterhold will no longer be on the world map, so head to Winterhold and cross the bridge to reach the city. You will find mages fighting a Magic Anomaly, and once the battle is over, speak with Tolfdir. He will inform you that Mirabelle has died and the protective barrier now covers the entire college. The Eye of Magnus quest will be unlocked.


What is the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

The Staff of Magnus is a powerful magical staff in the game Skyrim. It is a quest item that players need to acquire during the quest “The Eye of Magnus.” The staff is believed to have been created by the god Magnus, who was responsible for creating the laws of physics and magic in the world of Skyrim.

The staff is said to have the power to absorb magical energy and can be used to control the Eye of Magnus, a powerful magical artifact that the player encounters during the quest. The staff is also said to be the only thing that can stop the Eye from destroying the world of Skyrim.

How do you obtain the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

To obtain the Staff of Magnus in Skyrim, players need to complete the quest “The Eye of Magnus.” The quest is part of the College of Winterhold storyline and requires the player to explore the ruins of Mzulft and Labyrinthian to find clues about the Eye of Magnus.

Once the player has located the Eye of Magnus, they need to use the Staff of Magnus to control it and prevent it from destroying the world. The staff can be found in the ruins of Forelhost, which is located northeast of Riften. The ruins are guarded by powerful undead creatures that the player needs to defeat before they can acquire the staff.

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