Stealth Tactics in Days Gone

To survive in the harsh and unforgiving world of Days Gone, players must master the art of stealth. The game features a stealth mechanic that allows players to eliminate targets quietly. Read on to learn more about this tactic.

Stealth kills are a key element of Days Gone. Players can sneak up on enemies and take them out without triggering a fight. To sneak, press the crouch button (Circle). Two factors determine the likelihood of being detected: visibility and noise. These factors depend on the time of day and weather conditions. Another way to execute enemies is to sprint towards them and attack before they turn around. This works on both humans and Freakers. While sneaking, players should pay attention to two indicators: (1) the visibility indicator, which turns gray when players are in dark areas or at night. The icon is crossed out when hiding in shrubs, indicating complete invisibility. (2) The noise level indicator shows the amount of noise players make while walking, shooting, or performing other actions, including driving their bike.


  1. Hide in shrubs to become invisible,
  2. Attack enemies from behind by pressing Triangle,
  3. Use binoculars to mark enemies – this reveals their positions and makes them easier to eliminate,
  4. Players can still make noise while crouching – tilt the analog stick slightly to move quietly,
  5. Stealth kills award almost twice the XP.

Upgrade the bike exhaust to reduce noise.

Remember, the bike also creates noise. Reducing the noise level can help players drive closer to enemies or avoid situations where they attract attention from opponents they encounter randomly. Players can do this by upgrading the exhaust.

Silencers & Suppressors

Silencers can be found, for example, under car hoods. Sometimes players will find scrap, and other times they will find a silencer.

Silencers are essential for stealth kills. They can be found under car hoods or purchased in encampments. The size of the silencer depends on the size of the car. Larger cars have bigger silencers that can be attached to primary or special weapons. Players need to open the quick menu to attach a silencer to their weapon. Each silencer has a limited durability, so players should not use them all the time. Primary, secondary, and special weapons require specific silencers. The crossbow is the only weapon that is silent. Players cannot attach a silencer to a shotgun, but they can attach one to a heavy machine gun.

Remember to attach or detach the silencer.

Distracting Enemies

Use stones to distract enemies during missions where killing is not an option (e.g., NERO troops).

Players can use various items to distract enemies while sneaking. Initially, players have access to stones, which they can use an unlimited number of times.

Purchase the Rock On (Melee, Tier IV) skill to be able to kill enemies by throwing stones at them. This attack does not require any ammunition and can be performed from a distance.

In the game, players can use electronic devices called Attractors to distract Freakers. Other noise-making devices such as car alarms and sirens can also attract enemy attention. These can be activated in NERO checkpoints by cutting their cables or shooting them. Hostile camps may have traps like bear traps or strings attached to cans that can be used to distract enemies or avoided altogether. One effective strategy is to attract Freakers or wild animals to enemy camps. Two useful stealth-related skills include Thief in the Night, which eliminates noise while sneaking and dropping items, and Ear to The Ground, which allows players to see enemies through walls. Executioner is an important ability for eliminating more challenging Freakers later in the game.


1. What is the importance of stealth in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, stealth is a crucial element of survival. Staying hidden from enemies can help players avoid confrontations and conserve resources. Stealth also allows players to scout out enemy camps, gather information, and plan their attacks more effectively. Some missions require players to be stealthy, making it even more important to master this skill. Overall, stealth is a valuable tool in the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone.

2. How can I improve my stealth in Days Gone?

There are several ways to improve your stealth in Days Gone. First, use the environment to your advantage, such as hiding in bushes, crouching behind objects, and sneaking through buildings. Be aware of your surroundings, including the enemy’s line of sight and their patrol patterns. Use distractions, such as throwing rocks or bottles, to lure enemies away from your path. Finally, upgrade your stealth skills in the game’s skill tree, which includes perks such as reduced noise and increased movement speed while crouched.

3. What weapons are best for stealth in Days Gone?

When it comes to stealth, players should avoid loud weapons such as shotguns and machine guns. Instead, opt for silenced weapons such as the crossbow, which can take out enemies quietly from a distance. The sniper rifle is also a good choice for long-range stealth attacks. Melee weapons such as the knife or axe can also be effective, but be sure to take out enemies quickly and quietly to avoid alerting others.

4. How do I approach enemy camps in stealth?

Approaching enemy camps in stealth requires careful planning and execution. First, scout out the camp from a safe distance using binoculars or your camera. Identify the enemy’s patrol patterns and the locations of any alarms or traps. Next, take out enemies one by one using silenced weapons or melee attacks. Avoid being seen by staying hidden in bushes or behind objects. Finally, disable any alarms or traps to prevent reinforcements from arriving. Once the camp is clear, loot it for valuable resources and ammo.

5. What are some common mistakes to avoid when using stealth in Days Gone?

One common mistake is rushing into a situation without properly scouting the area and identifying enemy positions. This can lead to being caught off guard and alerting enemies to your presence. Another mistake is using loud weapons or attacking enemies in plain sight, which can quickly escalate the situation and attract more enemies. Finally, relying too heavily on stealth can also be a mistake, as it may not always be the best approach for every situation. Be prepared to adapt and switch to a more aggressive playstyle when necessary.

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