Still Waters

How to unlock: Speak with Scout Harding.

Quest giver: Scout Harding (M13,1)

Scout Harding informs you about the Rift on the lake

This quest becomes available when you arrive at Crestwood for the first time and have a conversation with Scout Harding (M13,1). She tells you about the undead problem that the villagers have been facing since a large rift appeared on the nearby lake. She requests your assistance in solving the issue and restoring peace to Crestwood.

Assist in defending Crestwood

Crestwood is located east of where you initially began exploring the area. You can approach from several directions, but it is recommended to enter through the main entrance (M13,1b) and help the villagers fight off the small group of monsters.

Meet the mayor of the village

Enter Crestwood and make your way towards the hill to the east. This is where the Mayor’s house is located (M13,1c). Speak with him about the plan to seal the rift on the lake. The plan involves reaching the dam and interacting with the mechanism to lower the water level in the lake. However, the only approach is near the keep that is currently occupied by bandits.

Caer Bronach

You can now leave the village and head southeast towards Caer Bronach, located in the center of the map. You must recapture the keep from the bandits, as described in detail in the walkthrough for another side quest: Capturing Caer Bronach.

Access to the dam

Once you have captured Caer Bronach (complete “Capturing Caer Bronach”), explore its main level, where the Inquisition soldiers have set up tents. Find the Dam Access (M13,1d) and enter. Follow the corridor until you reach the dam and another door that leads to the local tavern, The Rusted Horn (M13,1e).

The mechanism in the tavern

Upon entering The Rusted Horn, ignore the villagers and head straight for the small room on the ground level of the tavern (M14,1a). Interact with the mechanism here to lower the water level in the lake and gain access to the rift related to this quest. You may now leave the tavern.

Return to the gate where you began exploring Crestwood. Due to the lowered water level in the lake, you can now access Old Crestwood, located to the west of the Northern campsite. Be cautious as there are many monsters in the destroyed village. Find the passage to the Flooded Caves as shown in the above screenshot (M13,1f).

Defeat monsters and explore the Flooded Caves

Begin your journey at the top level (M14,1b) of the Flooded Caves and be prepared to face the undead. After exploring the area, you will come across a spiral staircase that leads to the lower level. This section is not too complicated, but you will have to defeat the Despair Demon along with the undead. Finally, descend the stairs to reach the Deepest Tier in the caves.

Discover the entrance to the chamber with the rift

The bottom level of the caves is more complex, so keep an eye out for loot and optional rooms along the way. You will encounter a group of monsters, led by a Fury Demon (M14,2a), who is connected to the Burdens of Command side quest. Defeating him will be more challenging than usual. Locate the entrance to the large chamber with the rift (M14,1c) and make sure to open the Supply Chest before entering.

Prepare for a long battle

The rift in the caves is occupied by monsters around levels 10-11, so eliminating single creatures won’t be too difficult. However, defeating larger groups of demons will require a long battle. Be sure to manage your supplies properly.

Use the ladders for an alternative route out of the caves

After the battle, explore the cave and choose one of two ways to leave the Flooded Caves. Although you could cross all three levels of the caves, taking an alternative route will be more convenient and will reward you with unique loot. Head east and cross through chambers where there are no more enemies. Locate the ladders in the caves (M14,1d) and climb one. You will resurface in a different area (M13,1g).

Find the mayor’s Letter of Confession

Return to Crestwood and go to the Mayor’s house (M13,1c). Although you won’t find the mayor here, you will find his Letter of Confession. Reading the letter will conclude this lengthy quest.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Lots of experience
  • 600 Influence points
  • 2 Power points


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