Stranger Danger | Deadpool Bonus Missions: Collectables

Collectable – Character Token

If you want to unlock the Character Token for the Invisible Woman (F.F.), you need to destroy the silver padlock on the cupboard in the first room.

Collectable – Deadpool Red Brick

You can find the Deadpool Red Brick in the room with Dr. Strange. Switch into Sandman and pass through the sand-wall on the right side. Then, use a character with telekinesis power to open the chest. After that, destroy all the objects in this area and build the Christmas tree from the remains.

To obtain the “Fast Build” Deadpool Brick, choose any character with a web attack and pull the attachable point.

Collectable – Stan Lee in Peril

If you want to rescue Stan Lee, switch into Spider-Man or Venom and use the sixth sense after scaring away Dormammu from the shower. Then, find the web handles – pulling them will create a hole in the ceiling. Go through it to the upper level.

Choose a character with a rocket attack to shoot at the silver padlock on the coffin and rescue Stan Lee.


What are the Deadpool Bonus Missions?

The Deadpool Bonus Missions are a set of additional levels that were added to the game in the form of downloadable content. These levels are not essential to the main story but offer players the chance to take on new challenges and earn additional rewards.

What are Collectables in Stranger Danger?

Collectables in Stranger Danger are hidden items that players can find and collect throughout the game. These items can be anything from hidden notes to unique weapons or gear. Collectables are scattered throughout the game world and can be found by exploring the environment, solving puzzles, or defeating certain enemies. Collecting all of the available collectables in the game can be a difficult task but offers players the chance to earn additional rewards and achievements.

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