Stunt Show Surprise | Deadpool Bonus Missions: Collectables

Unlocking Character Tokens

If you want to unlock the Mandarin (Film) Character Token, select a character with flying skills and fly to the right part of the arena. Then go up on the platform and collect the token.

Getting the Deadpool Red Brick

To get the “Attract Studs” Deadpool Brick, select Magneto and decompose the blue metal cage on the left side of the arena. Use the brick to collect coins.

Rescuing Stan Lee

Switch to Spider-Man and use your sixth sense to go to the right side of the arena. Pull the two attachable points to reveal a golden wall. Melt it using a character with a fire beam to reveal Stan Lee in Peril.

To rescue Stan Lee, choose Galactus or a character with telekinesis power and pull him out of the giant black hat.


1. What is Stunt Show Surprise?

Stunt Show Surprise is a bonus mission in the video game Deadpool. In this mission, players control Deadpool as he participates in a stunt show. The objective is to collect a certain number of points by performing stunts such as jumps, flips, and tricks. The mission is timed, and players must complete it within the allotted time to earn a gold medal. There are also collectables hidden throughout the level that players can find to earn additional points.

2. How do I access the Stunt Show Surprise mission?

To access the Stunt Show Surprise mission, players must have completed the game’s main story. Once the story is complete, the mission will become available in the game’s menu. Simply select the mission from the menu to start playing.

3. What are the collectables in Stunt Show Surprise?

There are three types of collectables in Stunt Show Surprise: coins, balloons, and chimichangas. Coins are scattered throughout the level and can be collected by running over them with Deadpool’s motorcycle. Balloons are hidden in various locations and can be found by exploring the level. Chimichangas are the most difficult to find and are usually located in hard-to-reach places. Collecting all of the collectables will earn players additional points towards their score.

4. Is Stunt Show Surprise a multiplayer mission?

No, Stunt Show Surprise is a single-player mission. Players control Deadpool as he performs stunts and collects points. There is no multiplayer mode available for this mission.

5. Are there any tips for completing Stunt Show Surprise?

Yes, there are a few tips that can help players complete Stunt Show Surprise. First, it’s important to keep moving to maintain momentum and earn points. Second, players should try to perform as many stunts as possible, such as flips and tricks, to earn additional points. Finally, it’s important to explore the level thoroughly to find all of the collectables, which will add to the player’s score. With these tips in mind, players should be able to successfully complete Stunt Show Surprise and earn a gold medal.

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