Sunstop Mountains Rifts

How to unlock: Unlocked automatically after establishing a campsite (M16,2), or discovering one of the three Rifts (M16,2f)(M16,2h)(M16,2i).

Quest provider: – (M16,2) or (M16,2f) or (M16,2h) or (M16,2i)

You can unlock this quest in two ways – either by setting up a campsite in the Hissing Wastes (M16,2) or by approaching one of the three Rifts linked to this mission (M16,2f)(M16,2h)(M16,2i).

This mission involves closing three Rifts that link this world with the Fade, located on a farm. The first Rift is situated to the East of the North-Eastern camp (M16,2f). Be prepared for a tough fight as there are several Pride Demons there. Focus your attacks on them and avoid using electricity and paralyzing attacks. The second Rift is located to the East of the northernmost camp (M16,2h). It is guarded by high-level Greater Shades, so make sure your team is properly prepared for the battle. The third Rift can be found North-West from the northern camp (M16,2i). Similar to the first Rift, you will face a group of enemies led by Pride Demons.


  • Experience (a lot)
  • 1800 Inquisition influence
  • 6 Inquisition power


What are the Sunstop Mountains?

The Sunstop Mountains are a range of mountains located in the western part of the continent of North America in the Rifts universe. These mountains are home to a variety of creatures, including dragons, giants, and other mystical beings. The mountains themselves are said to be magical, and many believe that they hold great power.

What is causing the rifts at the Sunstop Mountains?

The cause of the rifts at the Sunstop Mountains is unknown. Some speculate that it is due to the magical properties of the mountains, while others believe that it is caused by powerful beings who reside there. The rifts are dangerous and unpredictable, and many adventurers have lost their lives while exploring them. Despite the danger, many continue to seek out the rifts in search of treasure and knowledge.

What is the significance of the Sunstop Mountains in the Rifts universe?

The Sunstop Mountains are a key location in the Rifts universe. They are a source of magic and power, and many factions seek to control them. The mountains are also home to a variety of creatures, some of whom have formed alliances with various factions. The rifts at the Sunstop Mountains are also of great interest to scholars and adventurers, who seek to unlock the secrets of their magical properties. Overall, the Sunstop Mountains are a place of great mystery and danger, and those who venture there must be prepared for anything.

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