Surviving the Beginning of Elex 2: Tips and Tricks

This guide provides valuable advice for the first few hours of Elex 2, including what to do and what to avoid in order to stay alive.

Learn how to recruit your first companion, obtain basic gear, and avoid common mistakes that can lead to frequent deaths.

  • Jax’s Health and Healing
  • Stamina Management
  • Fighting Strategies
  • How to Approach Enemies with Skull Icons
  • Essential Gear
  • Finding Your First Companion
  • Jetpack Usage and Fuel Supply
  • The Best Locations to Visit First
  • Important Skill Trainers
  • Saving Your Game

Jax’s Health and Healing

One of the most crucial aspects of surviving in Elex 2 is monitoring Jax’s health bar. Collect health potions and food whenever possible, as they can be found as loot and do not necessarily need to be purchased.

Always have these items ready to heal during combat and put some of them in active slots for quick access. Remember that the game does not pause while browsing the inventory, so be sure to have healing items readily available to avoid getting killed while searching for them.

Stamina Management

Pay attention to Jax’s yellow stamina bar, which is depleted when using melee strikes, blocking and dodging, or sprinting. React before completely running out of stamina, as exhaustion can make Jax an easy target. Move away from enemies and wait for stamina to regenerate or use the jetpack for a quick escape. Increasing max stamina and regeneration rate is possible later in the game.

Fighting Strategies

Fighting in Elex 2 is challenging, and even common enemies can pose a significant threat. When facing groups of enemies, lure singular enemies away from the group when possible. Fighting more than one enemy at once is dangerous, as you can easily get flanked or shot from a distance by enemies you are not currently attacking.

How to Approach Enemies with Skull Icons

Use bows and other ranged weapons to scout enemy threat levels. Aiming at enemies from a distance will display important information about them, such as their level of difficulty.

If you see a skull icon on an opponent, it means they are much stronger than Jax, with a higher level. It’s best to avoid them early on as they can easily defeat you with just one hit. These enemies are also more resilient, so attacking from range won’t be effective. Once you become stronger and have a companion, you can return to these areas to battle them.

To begin the game, it’s best to find some basic equipment as loot instead of spending elexit on trading. Search all locations carefully and loot corpses for weapons. At first, Jax will have a starting melee weapon, but you can find better ones if you search. You can also find a bow in the northern area that can be used without upgrading your stats.

To increase your chances of survival, try to find some unique legendary weapons that we’ve discussed in a separate chapter. They require high stats but there are exceptions like the Fang Crossbow. You can also purchase basic clothing or ammo for ranged weapons from the first merchant you encounter.

Recruiting a companion is crucial for survival as Jax cannot win battles alone. Caja, the protagonist’s wife, is easy to recruit after completing the Only a Dead Morkon quest. She can be found near the West Carakis World Heart teleporter.

If you want to recruit a companion easily, you can find Nasty in Morkon Grotto, located east of the prologue ending point. You can recruit her without completing any other quests, but you may need to wait for her to catch up at the Bastion before adding her to your party.

Your choice between Caja and Nasty may also be influenced by the Destruction meter. If you want to play as a good guy and reduce Destruction, Caja is a better choice. But if you want to increase the Destruction meter and play as a cold, ruthless character, Nasty will approve of your choices.

Using the Jetpack and Fuel Supply

From the start of the game, you have access to a jetpack, but use it with caution as it can easily kill you. The jetpack has a small fuel tank and turns off after a few seconds, meaning you could fall to your death. To avoid this, use the jetpack in short bursts and stop on lower ledges whenever possible. If you’re jumping from a high altitude, activate the thrusters only when close to the ground to avoid running out of fuel.

The Best Locations to Visit First

When starting the game, focus on three main areas and their surroundings located near the prologue ending point. The enemies in these areas will be mostly weak, but be cautious of singular powerful monsters.

The first location to visit is the Bastion, found north of the prologue ending point. This place serves as a base for Jax and his allies and has loot and workbenches for crafting. The second location to visit is the Fort, found west of the prologue ending point. You can gain XP by completing quests to gain access to the Fort, and it also has traders and trainers to buy gear from and train Jax.

In the early game of Elex, there are three recommended locations to visit. The first is the Fort, where you can explore and complete quests to earn rewards and experience. It is also home to the Berserkers and Morkons factions, but it’s best to hold off on joining until you complete their initial quests.

The second location is the Grotto, located east of where the prologue ends. You can enter the underground entrance, which Dimitri will stop you from doing at first. However, unlike the Fort, you won’t need to complete any additional quests to explore the Grotto. It’s a great place to complete main and side quests, and it also has traders and trainers to buy gear from and train Jax with.

If you prefer melee combat, visit the Doorman in the Fort to improve your skills. For ranged combat, go to Astrid in a hut northwest of the Fort. Regardless of your playstyle, it’s important to visit Gardok, who can teach you how to open locks, a useful ability for finding valuable items.

Lastly, remember to save often to avoid losing progress. Save before battles, while climbing with your jetpack, and during quests and conversations that can lead to combat or an undesired outcome.


1. What are the essential skills to survive the beginning of Elex 2?

The beginning of Elex 2 can be a challenging experience. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce, and enemies are ruthless. To survive the beginning, you need to master several skills. First, you need to learn how to fight. You can’t avoid combat in Elex 2, so it’s essential to know how to use your weapons and abilities effectively. Second, you need to explore your surroundings. The game world is vast, and there are many hidden treasures and resources that can help you survive. Third, you need to manage your inventory carefully. You don’t want to carry too much weight, or you’ll be slowed down, but you also don’t want to leave anything valuable behind.

2. How can you gain experience and level up quickly in Elex 2?

Leveling up quickly in Elex 2 can give you a significant advantage in combat and survival. One way to gain experience is to complete quests. Quests give you experience points and often reward you with valuable items. Another way to gain experience is to kill enemies. The more challenging the enemy, the more experience you’ll gain. It’s also essential to choose the right faction to join. Each faction has its unique quests and rewards, and some factions offer more experience points than others. Finally, make sure to invest in the right skills and abilities. Some skills, like melee combat or lockpicking, can give you a significant advantage in the game.

3. What are some tips for managing your resources in the beginning of Elex 2?

Managing your resources is crucial to survival in Elex 2. Here are some tips to help you manage your resources effectively:

  • Scavenge for resources whenever possible. Look for food, water, and other essential items in the environment.
  • Don’t take on more than you can handle. Don’t engage in combat unless you’re confident you can win.
  • Use your inventory wisely. Don’t carry too much weight, but make sure you have the essentials, like weapons, ammunition, and healing items.
  • Consider joining a faction that can help you with resources. Some factions offer better equipment and resources than others.
  • Don’t be afraid to run away. If you’re outmatched in combat, it’s better to flee and come back later when you’re better prepared.

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