The Battle for Fort Amol | Imperial Legion Quests

New Main Objective: Join the troops attacking Fort Amol

Important! This task is given to you as part of the Reunification of Skyrim main quest and you must complete it to proceed to the next stage.

First, check the map. You will find that the group of legionnaires is located a considerable distance from their target, Fort Amol (as shown in the above screenshot). You may reach it by travelling from Windhelm (go southwest) or Ivarstead (go northeast).

Unusually, the legionnaires are hiding in the woods (as seen in the above screenshot). So, you may miss them initially. Save your game and approach them, encouraging them to attack. Note that it takes a few seconds to approach the fort, but avoid using sprint as it may weaken your character’s physical condition.

New Main Objective: Seize Fort Amol by defeating all enemies

Map labels: 1 – main entrance to the fort; 2 – hole in the wall; 3 – suggested spot for ranged attacks.

Unlike the previous quest, where enemy soldiers’ positions were fixed, this battle is a typical fort invasion. You must fight until the enemy is sufficiently weakened. Avoid staying close to the doors because the enemy soldiers will come out from there.

As before, you can choose your own way to enter the fort. The legionnaires usually go for the western entrance (as seen in the above screenshot), but they may need to break through at least one barricade.

The safest way to get inside the fort is to move from the north and locate a hole in the eastern wall (as shown in the above screenshot). This is ideal for a mage or an archer, who can attack from a safe distance.

If your character prefers close combat, you can attack the Stormcloak soldiers once you’re in the courtyard (as seen in the above screenshot). As in the other quests, remember that there will be archers stationed on the upper walls and rooftops. Try to take them down quickly to avoid losing your team members.

If your character prefers to attack the enemy from a distance, try sneaking into the fort and find a good location to shoot at them. My recommendation is a tall tower in the southeast part of the fort (as shown in the above screenshot) with stairs leading to the top.

Regardless of your tactic, try to eliminate enemy soldiers as they appear, because the game will keep sending them your way regularly. Fight until you receive information of the victory. You can ignore the fleeing forces (as seen in the above screenshot). This quest is now over, so you can return to completing the Reunification of Skyrim (main objective: Regain Eastmarch).


What is the Battle for Fort Amol quest?

The Battle for Fort Amol is a quest in the Imperial Legion questline in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this quest, the player must lead a group of Imperial soldiers to attack Fort Amol, which has been taken over by the Stormcloaks. The goal is to reclaim the fort for the Empire and eliminate any Stormcloak resistance. The quest involves a large battle with many enemies, so it is recommended that the player bring along some allies to assist in the fight.

What are some tips for completing the Battle for Fort Amol quest?

One tip for completing the Battle for Fort Amol quest is to bring along some allies to assist in the fight. The enemies in the fort can be quite tough, so having some backup can make a big difference. Another tip is to use the terrain to your advantage. The fort has many narrow corridors and tight spaces, so it is possible to funnel the enemy into chokepoints and take them out more easily. Finally, it is important to keep an eye out for any enemy archers, as they can deal a lot of damage from a distance. Taking them out quickly can make the rest of the battle much easier.

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