The Brick Apple? | Bonus Mission

Characters: Doctor Doom, Galactus

Location: Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island (map of Important Locations [27])

To access this mission, you must complete the main campaign and travel to Liberty Island. Once there, enter the Statue of Liberty and begin the task.

Your objective is to collect 1,000,000 studs. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task as there are numerous opportunities to accumulate wealth throughout the stage. Some of these opportunities include:

  • LEGO Inscription – break nearby objects and use Galactus’ telekinetic skills to assemble the letters into the correct order;
  • Space Lander – construct the Space Lander using black cosmic bricks, located opposite the LEGO Inscription;
  • Racecourse – race around the track;
  • Shop Dismantling – destroy the shop located on the left side of the area;
  • Breaking Liberties – destroy the Statue of Liberty;
  • Construct Empire State Building – destroy objects located at the seaside on the left and construct a building using Galactus’ telekinetic skills;
  • Tony Stark’s Mansion – located in the upper right corner of the location, destroying it will yield a large number of studs;
  • Cleaning – with Doctor Doom, approach the nearby computer after dismantling Iron Man’s headquarters and clean the area for bonus cash.

Once you have collected one million studs, the mission will automatically end and two new characters, Captain America (Classic) and Union Jack, will become available to play.


What is The Brick Apple?

The Brick Apple is a bonus mission in the popular video game, Hitman 2. It is a special mission that requires players to complete certain objectives in order to unlock it. Once unlocked, players can access The Brick Apple mission and try to complete it. The mission is set in a fictional version of New York City and requires players to assassinate a target in a crowded area. The unique aspect of this mission is that it takes place in a LEGO-themed environment. Players must navigate through a LEGO city, avoiding LEGO police officers and other obstacles, in order to complete the mission. The Brick Apple mission is a fun and challenging addition to the Hitman 2 game.

How do I unlock The Brick Apple mission?

To unlock The Brick Apple mission, players must complete specific objectives in the Hitman 2 game. These objectives include completing all of the other missions in the game, reaching a certain level of mastery in certain locations, and completing certain challenges. Once these objectives are met, players will be able to access The Brick Apple mission in the game menu. It is important to note that The Brick Apple mission is not available to all players and requires a certain level of skill and dedication to unlock.

Is The Brick Apple mission worth playing?

For fans of the Hitman 2 game, The Brick Apple mission is definitely worth playing. It offers a unique and fun experience that is different from the other missions in the game. The LEGO-themed environment adds a new level of challenge and excitement to the game, and completing the mission is a satisfying accomplishment. However, for players who are not fans of the Hitman 2 game or do not enjoy LEGO-themed environments, The Brick Apple mission may not be worth the effort required to unlock it. Overall, The Brick Apple mission is a fun and entertaining bonus for dedicated Hitman 2 players.

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