The Captain of the Chargers – a new member of the party

Unlocking method: Meet Krem.

Quest giver: Krem (M2,2)

The messenger can be found in the encampment.

You can receive this quest while traveling to Val Royeaux during the “The Threat Remains” main quest. After returning to Haven and participating in the council, find messenger Krem near the chapel entrance (M2,2). He will inform you that the Chargers are interested in working with the Inquisition. You will be invited to attend a meeting with their leader – the Iron Bull.

Assist the Chargers in eliminating enemy units.

The Chargers can be found at The Storm Coast, but if you have not yet unlocked this location on the world map, you need to complete the “Vigilance on the Coast” side quest associated with the location. Once you reach the coast, head towards the beach (M5,4a). The Chargers are engaged in a battle with Tevinter soldiers here. Start fighting the enemy and, as with all battles, focus on the enemy archers first.

Establish cooperation with the Iron Bull.

Winning the battle will activate a cutscene with Krem and the Charger leader – the Iron Bull. During the conversation, express your interest in hiring the Chargers and inviting the Iron Bull to join the party.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • New ally: the Iron Bull
  • Experience (minimal)
  • 80 Influence points
  • 1 Power points


What is The Captain of the Chargers?

The Captain of the Chargers is a new party member in the popular mobile game, Raid: Shadow Legends. He is a legendary champion who belongs to the faction of the Sacred Order. The Captain of the Chargers is a versatile hero who can be used in various game modes, including arena battles, dungeons, and clan boss fights. He is known for his powerful attacks, high defense, and healing abilities that can sustain the team during battles. Players can obtain The Captain of the Chargers by summoning him through shards or by completing certain in-game events.

What are the skills and abilities of The Captain of the Chargers?

The Captain of the Chargers has several skills and abilities that make him a valuable addition to any team. His first skill, Divine Strike, allows him to deal damage to a single target while also increasing his own defense. His second skill, Healing Surge, allows him to heal the team while also increasing their defense. His third skill, Holy Protector, allows him to place a shield on the team that absorbs damage for a certain amount of time. Finally, his passive skill, Aura of Holy Blades, increases the critical rate and critical damage of all allies. The combination of these skills makes The Captain of the Chargers a versatile hero who can both deal damage and support the team during battles.

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