The Corruption in Sahrina

How to start: The quest will begin automatically once you enter Emprise du Lion

Quest giver: – (M15,1)

Mistress Poulin

As soon as the quest starts, head towards the village straight ahead. Then, enter the first yellow house on the right of the tall tower (M15,3). Inside or in front of the building, you will meet Mistress Poulin. Speak to her to finish the quest. She will also give you another quest called “Rocky Rescue”.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (a little)
  • 150 Influence Points


What is the corruption in Sahrina?

The corruption in Sahrina refers to the widespread dishonesty and unethical behavior that exists in the country’s government and various institutions. It typically involves the abuse of power for personal gain, such as accepting bribes or engaging in nepotism. The corruption is so pervasive that it affects every aspect of life in Sahrina, from business dealings to law enforcement to healthcare. It has led to a significant erosion of trust in the government and institutions, as well as a growing sense of frustration and anger among the population.

What are the consequences of the corruption in Sahrina?

The consequences of the corruption in Sahrina are far-reaching and severe. The most obvious impact is on the country’s economy, as corrupt practices discourage foreign investment and make it difficult for businesses to operate fairly. The corruption also has a negative impact on the delivery of public services, such as healthcare and education, as resources are often diverted to benefit those in power rather than the general population. Additionally, the corruption has eroded trust in the government and institutions, leading to a sense of disillusionment and apathy among the population. It also fuels social unrest and political instability, as citizens become increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress in addressing the issue.

What is being done to address the corruption in Sahrina?

Efforts to address the corruption in Sahrina have been ongoing for years, but progress has been slow and sporadic. The government has implemented a number of anti-corruption measures, such as creating a special corruption court and increasing penalties for those found guilty of corrupt practices. However, these measures have been criticized as inadequate and insufficient. Civil society organizations and activists have also been working to raise awareness about the issue and push for greater accountability and transparency in government and institutions. Despite these efforts, the corruption in Sahrina remains a significant challenge, and much more needs to be done to address it effectively.

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