The Danger Persists

How to Unlock: Automatically, after completing the main quest “The Wrath of Heaven”

Quest Giver: – (M2,1)

You must reach the temple and enter the war room.

You begin this quest in one of the cottages at Haven (M2,1). After listening to a non-essential conversation, leave the cottage and head towards the chapel (M2,1a). Proceed to the war room and wait for the council to begin, which will include Cassandra, Leliana, and Chancellor Roderick. After the council, as shown in a cutscene, you will learn about the new Inquisition activities, receive 1 Power point and 40 Influence points (which can be used to unlock Inquisition’s Perks).

You can learn more about your advisors.

Once again, enter the chapel to see a cutscene. During the cutscene, you will officially meet the three advisors – Josephine, Cullen, and Leliana. Additionally, the war table will be available to dispatch advisors for operations (and unlock Inquisition’s Perks). For more information about operations and the war room, see the game guide (Inquisition Management Chapter).

At this point, while at the war room, you only need to select the operation shown in the above screenshot (Scout the Hinterlands) and assign it to be completed (automatically). Only Leliana is capable of completing this operation. This will unlock a new area of the world – Hinterlands. You can travel there immediately or after sufficiently exploring Haven. If you choose the latter, bring up the world map and select the Hinterlands.

Talk to Harding.

Arriving at the Hinterlands will automatically initiate a conversation with Scout Harding (M3,1a), who will provide more information about the intense battles between the Templars and the mages. Harding will also inform you that Mother Gisele is helping outcasts near a nearby hill and may require assistance. Descend the hill and head towards the crossroads (M3,1b).

Eliminate the strongest Templars and mages as quickly as possible.

Upon reaching the Crossroads, you will witness a massive battle and must join the fight. During the battle, you must eliminate both the Templars and Rebel Mages. When dealing with Templars, focus on eliminating those hiding behind shields quickly (attack them from the side or behind). With regards to mages, eliminate those wielding magic (as they do not fare well in melee). The fight is lengthy, and both sides will receive reinforcements.

Encounter Mother Giselle and Corporal Vale

After winning the game, a brief cutscene will be shown and you will meet Mother Giselle. You don’t have to focus on the dialogue options you choose while talking to her. Once the conversation is over, stay at the crossroads and find Corporal Vale (M3,1c) whom you also need to talk to.

Before proceeding with the rest of the quest, you need to gather at least four Power points. The easiest way to do this is by completing side quests or closing rifts. After obtaining the required amount, return to Haven and visit the war room at the chapel to call for a new council. On the war map, look for the figurine representing an activity related to Val Royeaux as shown in the screenshot above. Confirm that you want to start the “Address the Chantry in Val Royeaux” quest and spend the four Power points on it. Now you can travel to Val Royeaux.

Note – The game suggests that you do not visit Val Royeaux if your party members are not at least at the fourth experience level. However, you can ignore this suggestion because there is no fighting in Val Royeaux. Still, if you want to, you can invest in perks that unlock new dialogue options.

Approach the clerics and watch the cutscene

You start exploring Val Royeaux in the western part of the location (M4,1). Listen to the conversations with Leliana’s spy and head east to where the clerics are (M4,2). Here, you will see another cutscene. During the conversation, Templar commander Lucius arrives. The dialogue options you choose during the (short) conversation with Lucius do not affect your relationship with the Templars or provoke any attack.

Your party also meets Fiona

Try to leave Val Royeaux by returning to the starting point (M4,1). You will be approached by Fiona who represents the rebel mages and commands them. Listen to the conversations with the enchantress (just like before, you don’t need to focus on the dialogue options you choose).

You can listen to the counselors but don’t have to follow their advice

The last thing you need to do is return to Inquisition’s HQ in Haven. Enter the chapel to see a cutscene of the conversation with your counselors. Cullen suggests that you try to win favor with the Templars, while Josephine suggests meeting with the rebel mages. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the decision of which ally to choose right away but you can express your preliminary opinion.

Note – Two new quests appear in your log. You can only complete one of them, and the other will be canceled. Choosing “Champions of the Just” means that you will seek favor with the Templars, whereas “In Hushed Whispers” means you will seek favor with the rebel mages.

Rewards for completing the quest:

The game has unlocked several new quests, including two main quests called “Champions of the Just” and “In Hushed Whispers”. In addition, players can also pursue five new side quests called “Haven’s Best and Brightest”, “Master of Horses”, “The Lone Warden”, “The Captain of the Chargers”, and explore two new locations, Hinterlands and Val Royeaux. As a reward for completing these quests, players will gain experience points, three Power points, and 440 Influence points. All of this information is presented in an unordered list format using HTML tags.


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