The Dead Hand Puzzle

How to Unlock: Unlock Ghilan’nain’s Grove and head to the Eastern part of the Exalted Plains, past the Rift, where there is an underground descent.

Quest Giver: – (M18,33)

The entrance to the room with the puzzle is sealed off with a magic barrier.

This mission is not an official quest, but it is rewarded and poses a challenge to players. The puzzle is located in the Dead Hand area of the Exalted Plains. The corridor with the puzzle leads up to the main part of the marsh, but you can take the other passage to the West. However, behind the gate, there is a legendary item.

The switch that spins the archer.

Upon arrival, there is a small chamber with a statue of an archer in the middle. On the other side, there is a small pillar with a switch. Once you use it, the archer spins and shoots. Your task is to shoot all four spheres to do this, you need to lower the pillars standing in the way. One of the spheres is exposed – start by shooting this one down to test the mechanism.

The switch to the grate, to the right of the entrance.

First, use the switch on the pillar to the right of the entrance. This opens a grate on the right, where you will find a torch. This part is crucial, as you need to leave one of the party members here. You can do that by using the button on the HUD’s bottom panel or by entering the tactical view and clicking twice on the spot where you want the character to remain.

A torch to the left and one in the distance, at the end of the location.

Another torch is on the opposite side, in front of the grate – also here, leave one of the party members. The last torch is on the other side (diagonally), also on the pillar next to the grate.

Press the switch to have the statue spin and shoot.

Now, as one of the characters who is not standing near one of the torches, approach the switch that spins the statue. Switch between the individual characters at the torches and light them in any order you want. You need to move quickly while doing this because the pillar returns to its initial position if the torches go out. As soon as you light all of the torches, use the switch and shoot down another sphere.

The pressure plate behind the switch.

To shoot down another sphere, go past the switch as one of the characters to the corner of the room (North-Western one). There is a pressure plate there – have the character walk onto it and stay there as you press the switch with another character.

To the right of the passage, there is a switch located behind the grate. To get the last sphere, approach the first torch and shut the grate with the switch that opened it. This will lock the character in. Use the lever to open the grate on the opposite side. Inside, there is a valve. Leave one character here and go to the lever. Turn the valve as much as possible and use the switch. Once all four orbs are lit, a passage will open up. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive experience, 200 Influence Points, and 2 Power points.


What is the Dead Hand puzzle?

The Dead Hand puzzle is a cryptographic puzzle created by the artist and author, Jim Sanborn. The puzzle consists of a series of encrypted messages that are hidden within a sculpture located in the courtyard of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The sculpture, called Kryptos, was installed in 1990 and contains over 1800 characters of encoded text. The first three parts of the puzzle have been solved, but the fourth section remains unsolved to this day. The puzzle has gained widespread attention and has been the subject of numerous books, documentaries, and articles.

What is the significance of the Dead Hand puzzle?

The Dead Hand puzzle is significant because it represents a unique intersection between art, cryptography, and espionage. The puzzle was commissioned by the CIA to add an element of intrigue to their headquarters, and it has succeeded in doing so. The puzzle has also captured the imaginations of people around the world, who see it as a symbol of the mystery and complexity of the intelligence world. Additionally, the puzzle has become a test of skill for cryptographers and amateur code-breakers, who have been working for years to solve the final section of the puzzle.

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