The End of the World

How to start the quest: Complete The Final Piece quest

Quest giver: –

You begin the quest as an operation of the same name (with no cost for the operation). The recommended level to complete this quest is 16-19, but if you choose a higher difficulty level, a higher experience level is recommended.

Corypheus attacks from a distance during the second stage.

You arrive at an arena with Corypheus and your party. The boss is level 23, resistant to critical effects, and takes minimal damage from elements. At a critical moment, you can use the power of the barrier to damage him. Until you reduce his health by about 1, you can use everything in your arsenal. Later, he increases in level.

A supply crate.

Climb the stairs and loot the supply crate. Remember to use up all your potions beforehand, as you cannot use the crate a second time. After climbing the stairs, only ranged party members can fight for a while. It’s helpful to have a mage now who can enclose units within a barrier, or shielded characters who can take on Corypheus’s damage. After depleting more of his health points, you get to fight the dragon (depending on your choices within the storyline).

To defeat the dragon quickly, damage all its limbs until they start to bleed. Then you can flip the beast over when it becomes defenseless. Try to dodge all attacks aimed at you, as they deal lots of damage but are easy to avoid.

Corypheus’s final moments.

Climb to the higher level and attack Corypheus, who often switches targets. You need to run after him or switch between party members to dodge his attacks. The end of the battle concludes the game’s storyline, and you return to Skyhold where you can continue the game and save some of the Inner Circle quests that may be unavailable if you haven’t completed them earlier.

There are no rewards for this quest.


What is Doom Upon All the World?

Doom Upon All the World is a phrase that is often used in the context of epic fantasy and science fiction stories. It refers to a catastrophic event or series of events that will bring about the end of the world as we know it. This idea has been explored in many books, movies, and TV shows, and is a popular theme among fans of these genres.

Why is Doom Upon All the World a popular theme in fantasy and science fiction?

The idea of a catastrophic event that threatens the world as we know it is a powerful one that has captured the imaginations of people for centuries. It speaks to our fears of the unknown and our desire to understand the world around us. In fantasy and science fiction, this theme allows writers to explore larger-than-life scenarios and create epic battles between good and evil. It also allows them to examine the human condition and explore themes of sacrifice, duty, and heroism. For fans of these genres, Doom Upon All the World is a thrilling and captivating concept that keeps them coming back for more.

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